Selena Gomez Stands Up Against Instagram Bully

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez stood up against a bully on Instagram over the weekend. However, there has been a mix reaction from users, with some calling her a hypocrite. The Come and Get It singer just could not let the initial remark sit without commenting back.

Over the weekend, a Gomez hater told the star that she hoped she “burned in hell with cancer,” which many people found offensive. The Wizards of Waverly Place actress was no different and decided it was time to speak out. She went straight to the bully and explained that it was an “absurd” comment and was not something a “young woman” should do.

The comment back was nothing distasteful or impolite. It was simply a way to explain how much it hurt the 21-year-old to see, and just why it was so horrible for others to read. There was also a piece at the end that encouraged the “young woman” to educate herself more and “be an amazing woman.”

There was certainly nothing wrong with the comment, and it was refreshing to see someone speaking out about bullying. However, some people took it the wrong way accusing the singer of calling out the internet bully. Had she not done that, the bully could believe that she has gotten away with making someone feel miserable and continue to do it to others. There would also be the view that people should not stand up for themselves.

Instead, Gomez showed that it is good to stand up against Instagram or any types of bullies. Doing that will encourage her fans to speak up when they are being bullied. There are many people who look up to the Spring Breakers actress and will look up to her for these types of situations.

There is the argument that the comment was more of a troll comment than internet bullying. When it comes to trolls the general rule is to avoid engaging with them. The whole point is to get a rise out of people they are attacking, and they start arguments for the sake of it.

Usually, though, they will continue the attack once they are engaged. It does not seem like a troll in this case as the “young woman” has not come back with an argument. Of course, there was not much to argue back about considering Gomez’s encouragement to be nice to people.

This is not the first time the former Disney star has spoken out about bullying. She had previously had trouble with people telling her that she was not good enough, and that led to some inner discussions about whether it really was her or just the bullies. In March, she encouraged people to “have each others’ backs” at the We Day California youth conference.

It is things that like this that her fans need to see. Young woman around her age have body issues and trouble with bullies. Those younger than her who look up to her also have similar issues. They need to see that handling with the bullies in a polite and grown up way is the right thing to do. That is all Gomez did when she stood up to her own Instagram bully.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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