Shea Butter May Be a Natural Remedy for Acne


When it comes to the skin, there are many different conditions that may occur, with one of the most well-known being acne. This skin condition is one of the more common skin issues amongst people. Acne, most commonly caused by dirt or oil getting into the pores, is usually known to first appear in the early stages of puberty, where it continues throughout the teenage years. Stress is also a cause of acne flare-ups. A majority of people will not have acne flare-ups as badly when they become adults, but some people will have acne  for most of their life. The process in which some individuals get rid of the pimples and bumps caused by acne is commonly through the use of chemical products, specific medications, and/or over-the-counter skin care remedies. However, there are also natural remedies which exist that may help to clear up flare-ups just as well, if not better, than some medications. Shea butter is one of many natural remedies some people have used successfully to cure acne.

Many people may not be familiar with what shea butter is and how it can be used as a natural remedy for helping to clear acne breakouts. Shea butter, which also goes by the name of karite butter, is a fatty substance with a cream-like hue made from the nuts of karite trees. Also known as Mangifolia tree or Shea tree, it grows in the Savannahs of West and Central Africa, where the butter is sometimes referred to as “woman’s gold” because it is mainly made and manufactured by women. It is said to be highly moisturizing for the skin because of the fatty substance from the nut.

Even though the butter is a good way to clear up breakouts, shea butter is not just a natural remedy for acne. In fact, shea butter is used for many different skin conditions, such as dry skin and eczema. Shea butter has even been seen to fade the look of scars and stretch marks. Labels on containers of shea butter often state that it is also good for healing minor burns, gives pain relief from swelling, and improves muscle relaxation. This butter is even said to work great as a hair conditioner due to the fatty substance containing many different types of nutrients for the scalp.

Using natural remedies for acne in lieu of chemical products is an attractive option to many women. According to Fox News, some of the chemical products created with the purpose of treating breakouts can cause side effects which are dangerous to the body. As stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these products have caused consumers to have allergic reactions that are considered to be life-threatening, including difficulty breathing, swelling of the facial area, and even tightness of the throat. These symptoms have the potential of causing death if they are not treated immediately.

Natural shea butter may be a safer option for those wishing to treat their acne. Many consumers using shea butter have come back with positive feedback about their use of the substance, their skin having been greatly healed in one way or another. Some feel as if it not for them, but there have not been many negative complaints against the product. So, while many may want to instantly turn to over-the-counter treatments for acne breakouts, they may consider using shea butter as a natural, safe remedy.

Opinion By Isis E. Stevens

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    Yes, Shea Butter is excellent for Acne. There are many health benefits to Shea Butter.

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