The $35,000 Tesla Motors Car Will Be Named the Model 3

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk, Tesla Motors CEO, has revealed what their new, more affordably priced ($35,000), car will be named: the Model 3. Musk described that the “3” will be represented by three bars.

Musk has targeted the 2017 year for the release of the new vehicle. The Model 3 will be the third generation of the vehicle after the Model S and Roadster. During an interview with AutoExpress, Musk stated that the new electric vehicle will be able to travel 200 miles on a single charge. The vehicle will use batteries from the company’s new Gigafactory. Musk also stated that Tesla Motors is working on a range boost upgrade for the original Roadster that will make the vehicle capable of going 400 miles on a single charge. This would allow users to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco without stopping.

The Model 3 will be 20 percent smaller than the Model S, to be unveiled in 2016, which would be right after the release of the newly unveiled Model X. The car was originally supposed to be called the Model E, but Ford threatened to sue over trademark for the title. The Tesla Motors CEO stated his annoyance that Ford was trying to kill “sex,” the Tesla Model S, Model E, Model X. Now the combination will have to be “S ||| X.” 

In order to minimize costs, the Model 3 will be engineered without the aluminum based platform evident in the Model S and the batteries will be more cost-effective. Observers have theorized that the new $35,000 Tesla Motors car will be an average looking sedan, The Model 3 is reportedly not going to have flashy suicide doors or luxury designs.

The new Tesla electric car is the company’s first foray into mainstream auto consumerism. The other two vehicles are above average in price, $70,000 and $100,00. Automotive observers have noted that with these prices, they are only capable of getting a niche market and a $35,000 car is closer to the average price of a vehicle. However, when compared to Nissan’s Leaf and Mitsubishi’s i-MieV, the Tesla Motors Model 3 is more expensive.

Supporters of Tesla have stated that the electric car manufacturer will make up for the difference with their unique infrastructure. The Leaf and i-MieV average less than 100 miles per charge, that means the Model 3 has over twice the capabilities of its competitors. Also, the only way to charge non-Tesla cars is with a home installation or a public parking charging station (which are not very evident). Tesla Motors’s $35,000 Model 3 can use home installations and public charging stations and their patented Tesla super charge stations, which are much more abundant, and they plan on making more charging stations as their vehicles expand in the marketplace. The new vehicle also is, reportedly, trying to appeal to the average citizen in aesthetics. It does not look like the Model S or Model X, which resemble a luxury sports car, the Tesla Motors Model 3 will be more like a regular sedan that does not stick out in traffic or draw attention. Tesla Motors plans to release the vehicle in 2017.

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