‘The Leftovers’: HBO New Episodes Will Pull In a Large Audience

The Leftovers

The HBO television series, The Leftovers, has been in the making ever since author, Tom Perotta published the American novel in 2011.  Although the novel, The Leftovers, made its first appearance three years ago, it has received recognition continually. Within days of being published, the book was among the top best sellers list. Within weeks the HBO network purchased the book version and began creating a new television series, The Leftovers. The executive producers, Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger, recently completed shooting The Leftovers new season.  Because all of the TV characters have real life appeal, many people believe the new episodes on HBO of The Leftovers, will pull in a large audiences.

The HBO network made a wise decision to develop real life situations from the novel to the television screen.  They also decided to incorporate much of the novel’s storyline and characters into the series.  Perotta was hired by HBO as a co-producer and writer, along with co-producer Damon Lindelof, to ensure that the major ideals in the book would be demonstrated effectively in the television episodes.

Although HBOs, The Leftovers, is a television adaptation of the American novel, producers Lindoff and Perotta did make some necessary changes to the television series.  The Leftovers main character, Kevin Garvey, played by Justin Theroux, is a mayor of Mapleton and a retired local business man. However, Lindelof created a more interesting down to earth police chief as the main character for the television series.

The Leftovers new television episodes will pull in a large audience to the HBO network, because the storyline is the same as the best-selling novel. The television series describe the lives of the Garvey family, following an unexpected explosion that hit the planet and wiped out almost all of the population. Both the book and the movie often refer to the millions of lost people as the “Sudden Departure.” The remaining people are trying to rebuild their lives, but the trauma of losing their loved ones by the “Sudden Departure” is not an easy ordeal to cope with.

For one of the main characters Nora Hurst, played by Carrie Coon, the “Sudden Departure” causes some serious psychological issues. She spends much of her time deliberating over the past life she once had.  Moreover, she is struggling to cope with her present predicament, which is losing her only family members in the “Sudden Departure.” Coon brings this character into life with an illustrious portrayal.

Another main character reenacted in the television series is Laurie Garvey, who is played by Amy Brenneman. She is Kevin Garvey’s wife and the mother of their two children; Tom, played by Chris Zylka and Jill, played by Margaret Qualley.  Early on she shows signs that she is struggling to cope with the “Sudden Departure.” She eventually abandons her entire family and joins a local neurotic, extremist group called the Guilty Remnant.

In one way or another all characters revert to the event as their lives continue to move forward. After several unfavorable situations arise there are characters that feel guilty for surviving the event, and see themselves being doomed for failure.   As the episodes progress into the finale, the problematic issues that were evident in the beginning of the series are given a more positive result.  All three of the main characters are deeply traumatized but have different ways of coping with their circumstances.

The HBO network stated the television episodes are all similar to the novel The Leftovers because all of the main character portrayals depict how people deal with the overall gradual process of healing, both communal and individual, after a common disaster affects the lives of everyone.  Towards the end of the season, The Leftovers series has been developed to show that over time, unfavorable incidents of the past can eventually be replaced or forgotten by fortunate circumstances and events.

HBOs The Leftovers new episodes will pull in a large audience, since the millions of people who bought the book can now see the series on the network.  Last week the production team just finished filming the first 10 episodes of the season. The first episode began on Sunday, Jun. 29, 2014 at 10:00 p.m. ET and will run weekly until Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014.

Opinion By Kimakra Nealy

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4 Responses to "‘The Leftovers’: HBO New Episodes Will Pull In a Large Audience"

  1. Wrongview   July 3, 2014 at 11:32 am

    …and you base this theory that it’ll pull large numbers from where? 1.8 million watched the pilot. The previous show that was on right before it was True Blood and it had 3.2 million viewers which means nearly half of them switched the channel when the dog got murdered.

  2. mattmatt   July 1, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    “an unexpected explosion that hit the planet and wiped out almost all of the population”.

    What? No.

  3. lola   July 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    You missed the boat on this one, l watched debut of a HBO series in a long time. Terrible, and boring were the words used to describe this series.

    • infantsquirrel   July 2, 2014 at 6:40 am

      I’d be shocked if this show takes off in the US. I don’t think the average American has the focus or intelligence to watch a show that rides on its creation on tension alone. It’s a great show, but not dumbed down enough for the average water-cooler American.


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