The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere Hyped on Talking Dead

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The Walking Dead Season Five Premiere Hyped on Talking Dead

What could be better to end The Walking Dead season one through four marathon than a Talking Dead episode that hypes the season five premiere which is not due to hit TV screens till October this year? Showing Walking Dead fans a bonus scene, aka teaser trailer from said premiere, that’s what.

Not that the program makers are being cruel or anything, but they will continue the hype with another two The Walking Dead specials that promise to whet the appetite of even the most jaded fan. July 8th (Inside the Walking Dead) and July 15th (Inside the Walking Dead: The Walker University) will show fans more behind-the-scenes facts about the show.

Like most Talking Dead shows, host Chris Hardwick works both the presenter’s chair in the studio and time spent on the set of The Walking Dead where he speaks to stars and various “important” people about what is going on in the world of shambling zombies and scary human survivors.

Scott Gimple and Aisha Tyler (star of Archer) spoke to Chris and Aisha was able to represent all the “Dead” fans by asking questions of the show’s runner. Talking Dead was about favorite bits of the seasons so far and a surmising of what is going to happen to Rick and his small-er band of survivors who have been trapped in that train car.

There were other questions brought up for Gimple to answer. Most amusingly was the query on why there are no naked walkers in the show. Surely, according to the questioner, there were people who dropped dead in the shower or bath? Scott revealed that one particular episode he penned did have a naked zombie strolling (shambling) through a field.

However it was pointed out that viewers may not appreciate seeing walker “man-parts.” Or as Talking Dead host put it, “Zombie dong,” which Hardwick hoped would trend on Twitter. This program helped to hype the upcoming fifth season of The Walking Dead and allowed Hardwick and his guests to crack jokes at some of the more “outstanding” lines from season 4. “Look at the flowers…”

Steven Yeun (Glenn) was interviewed on set and his wife in the show Lauren Cohan (Maggie), although separately. On a sidenote, it is always disconcerting to hear Lauren’s English accent when she is not “in character.” Chris asked Scott Gimple point blank about whether the “Termites” at Terminus were cannibals. Aisha pointed out that in the comic-verse around the same timeline as the show, cannibals have been met by fans of the comic. Scott refused to verify just what the Termites were gnashing on for nourishment.

It should be pointed out that series costume designer Eulyn Womble was responsible for coining the term “Termites” for the denizens of Terminus. She was one of the many creators that Chris chatted with on-set and she revealed just how she dressed the season five “baddies” for the show.

Of course the biggest moment of the Talking Dead program, which was just there to hype the season five premiere at the end of the Fourth of July The Walking Dead marathon, was the teaser for the new season’s opening in October this year. What was it? Not wanting to spoil anything, but it was Carol, Tyreese, baby Judith and a whole lot of walkers. Will these three musketeers lead a load of walkers to Terminus to save Rick and the gang? Wild speculation certainly, but fans will find out what happens for sure in October.

By Michael Smith