Paul McCartney Helps John Dann Propose During Saturday Concert

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Paul McCartney Helps John Dann Propose During Saturday Concert

Paul McCartney helped John Dann, a Rochester, New York resident, propose to his fiancee Claudia Rodgers at the end of a concert he gave in Albany, New York on Saturday. While performing encores at the conclusion of his three-hour-long, 38-song set, Sir Paul McCartney pulled Dann from the audience and assisted him in making his dream of marrying the love of his life come true, according to a report in the Democrat and Chronicle.

John Dann, 64, and his girlfriend, Claudia Rodgers, 60, had been long-time fans of both The Beatles and Paul McCartney. When Paul pulled Dann from the audience, Dann got to propose in front of approximately 13,000 McCartney fans who cheered him on.

Fittingly enough, as John Dann is 64, he proposed by singing The Beatles’ classic song When I’m Sixty-Four. As he was singing, Paul McCartney and his band began playing the song until he finished the verse he was on.

Afterward, John Dann dropped to one knee and asked Claudia Rodgers for her hand in marriage. She told him yes and the audience cheered in approval.

At a 2011 Paul McCartney concert in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dann and Rodgers noticed that Paul McCartney sometimes brought people up on stage from the audience if they had funny signs that they held up.

Knowing it was taking a chance, Claudia Rodgers held up a green sign with the words written on it “He won’t marry me ’til he meets you.” Dann, right beside her, held up another sign that said “I have the ring and I’m 64.” They were about 20 yards off, to the right of the stage, standing on the arena floor.

Paul McCartney saw the signs, thought they were pretty funny, and laughed, despite having said earlier on in the concert that he tries not to read the signs fans hold up, as they are often distracting, especially as he is thinking of what chords to play and words to sing. McCartney called them both on stage at the conclusion of his show. The rest, as they say, is history.

According to John Dann, “It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

The Saturday night concert was Paul McCartney’s first one after he was forced to cancel or postpone several shows because he was recovering from a virus he had contracted while in Japan.

It was right after Paul McCartney finished singing Yesterday that he said to the audience that he had seen the two signs. He called John Dann and Claudia Rodgers up onto the stage and had them introduce themselves.

Paul McCartney said “Let’s see it,” and that was all the encouragement that John Dann needed. He launched into the song When I’m Sixty-four. Soon, Paul McCartney and his band joined in. Later, Claudia Rodgers told reporters that Dann had been practicing the song, just in case their plan worked.

That was not the final song of the concert. Paul McCartney and his band then started playing The Beatles’ 1968 hit Helter Skelter.

Rodgers said that it took her and Dann two hours to walk back to their hotel, though it had taken them just 10 minutes to walk to the concert because so many people congratulated them after the concert and wished them well. They also were deluged with congratulations via social media. The news of their proposal and being called onstage by Paul McCartney was reported on by Rolling Stone and many other sources.

John Dann met Claudia Rodgers through They had been dating almost eight years, taking it slow as they had both been previously married. John Dann is a retired teacher, and Rodgers is still in the teaching profession. According to Rodgers, they “are certainly planning on a long lifetime together.”

Among the other song that Paul McCartney sang were some off of his latest album, New, along with standards from The Beatles like Eight Days a Week, Eleanor Rigby, All Together Now, Blackbird, We Can Work It Out and Paperback Writer. He also performed songs from his days with Wings, like Let Me Roll It and Band on the Run.

After Paul McCartney and his band performed Helter Skelter, they followed it with a medley of songs from Abbey Road that, on the album, run into each other. They were the very cool songs Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End.

The Paul McCartney concert Saturday night would have been a memorable one for any fan of The Beatles and McCartney, but it was made especially memorable for John Dann and his fiancee, Claudia Rodgers, after their plan worked and McCartney helped Dann out in proposing to his love of nearly eight years, Claudia Rodgers. Paul McCartney is one of the richest musicians in the world, but he has not lost touch with his roots and his fans. He continues to sing with a voice that seems barely altered with the passing of the years.

Written By Douglas Cobb