Toronto Canada: Flight Scare Caused Passenger Jet to Reroute Course

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In Toronto, Canada, a flight scare caused a passenger jet to reroute its course last Saturday. Sunwing Airlines Flight 772 was carrying slightly over 100 passengers when the plane administrators decided to turn around and head back to the Canadian airport.

Sources said all of the passengers were shaken up by the obnoxious outbursts of another passenger during the flight. The incident occurred at a time when tensions were high all over the Muslim world, and several jihadist militant groups have taken control of territories in many African, Middle Eastern and European countries.

Sunwing Airline employees became concerned shortly after two individuals on the plane started a heated argument with a flight attendant over the price of a pack of cigarettes. As the transaction was being made, the two individuals began to question whether they were being treated fairly, because the male member of the duo had recently purchased a pack of cigarettes in the Toronto Airport concierge center before takeoff at a much higher rate.

The Toronto passenger jet rerouted its course, because Sunwing Airlines employees wanted to protect the innocent passengers traveling within Canada on the plane. The individual who caused the dispute was verbally aggressive with other passengers as well as with airline employees.

Lately there has been an influx of casualties surrounding the airlines industry. Commercial planes carrying hundreds of passengers have been destroyed and many people are beginning to suspect these are acts of terrorism against the western world.

Due to the incident, the Sunwing Airlines Fight 772 in Toronto was forced to reroute, and the individual was taken off the plane by armed security guards. As a result of the scare, the terrorist threat level in Toronto has been elevated temporarily.

Canadian officials said although there has been very little cause for alarm in the past, they want to make sure any incident that endangers the safety of passengers is attended to a quickly as possible. After the individual was removed from the plane, a security check was performed to ensure no passengers or employees were harmed, and then the flight resumed its normal course.

Many Toronto citizens who live in Muslim communities are beginning to fear that Toronto will soon become a haven for international terrorists because the city has hundreds of thousands of affluent Muslims already living there. Sources said Islamist militant terrorists from Africa and the Middle East could easily blend in in Toronto and pose as business men, meanwhile plotting with large Islamist military armies to overthrow Muslim families and communities in the west.

However, police officials said they cannot do anything about suspected terror caused by an alleged jihad militant unless there is evidence of a crime. Ali Shahi, the man who was charged in the Toronto, Canada Sunwing Airlines Flight 772 terrorist scare that caused the passenger jet to reroute its course was jailed and charged with mischief to property, uttering threats and endangering the safety of an aircraft, among other related charges. He was later released on $1,000 bail.

By Kimakra Nealy

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