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Sarah Chun, 36, told reporters from The Star that she saw a UFO outside of her window on July 26 while sitting at the dining table in Toronto. As these six or seven huge bright lights caught her attention, she grabbed her iPad and went outside to take a video of it. Shortly after going outside, Chun noticed another glowing object in another part of the sky. After getting these lights on video, she posted it up on YouTube. Chun woke up the next morning to discover that her videos had gone viral.

This video caught the attention of many, as people questioned whether or not aliens truly exist. However, what happened in Toronto was not the only report of a UFO sighting incidence. Canada has a number of reports, even multiple times a day, stating someone saw a UFO. So frequent are these reports that Canada has a group dedicated to researching more about this phenomenon. Ufology Research, based in Winnipeg, keeps track of the number of UFO sightings and prepares a report for the people to see. In 2011 there were 986 supposed cases reported and 1,981 were reported in 2012. Some people posit that it could be the Chinese paper lamps floating in the sky. Others think that the lights are too high and too far into the sky to be lanterns. However, only about eight percent of the reports have no explanation.

Scientists are already talking about the possibility of finding life outside of Earth in the very near future. Seth Shostak, a Senior Astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, believes that they could find out more about extraterrestrial life within two decades or less due to the rapid advancement in technology to provide the means to conduct the search.

Discoveries made by the Kepler planet-hunting telescope makes the possibility of seeing extraterrestrial life a near reality. This powerful telescope is able to continuously deliver more revelations to scientists about outer-space.

Scientists using the Kepler have confirmed that there are five planets where life could happen. In addition, a study done by a doctoral candidate Erik Petigura from University of California, Berkeley found that one in five stars also have a planet similar in size to the Earth orbiting around it. This has given scientists much hope with the possibility of being able to find species from different planets.

Chris Rutkowski from Ufology Research stated that a lot of scientists do not believe in UFOs and think that these sightings could be easily explained. This has led to skepticism and a lack of credibility towards studying ufology. However, Ufology Research polls indicate that one out of 10 Canadians believe that they have seen a UFO in their lifetime.

Ufology Research reports that they have collected accounts of people seeing UFO lights in Toronto and in other parts of Canada. People have seen multiple unexplainable and extraordinary lights in the sky. In Sudbury, Canada Michel Deschamps recalled having a frightening experience in 1990. He witnessed a shiny sphere hovering over a former radar station, shocking him. Although he had witnessed a fair share of UFOs in his childhood, this incident was by far the scariest.

By Joyce Chu


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