Pennsylvania News Team Attacked by Ghost?

Pennsylvania News Team Attacked by Ghost?

A Pennsylvania news team went to film a report on an alleged “haunted” house and they got much more than they bargained for because they claim they were attacked by a ghost. The home is located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and was featured on a national television show The Dead Files which aired on the Travel Channel on Saturday night. This was because the homeowners stated that the house was extremely haunted, with numerous ghosts and various other entities.

Homeowner Deanna Simpson explained that she and her husband had lived in the home for over seven years and put everything they had into purchasing it. She said that she and her spouse did not discover that it was a haunted house until after they had already moved into it. Mrs. Simpson declared that they had invested all that they had into the home. She stated they would like to move away but would have to list it at a certain price just to get back what they have put into it and that would end up being fairly high.

She explained that she has ghost photographs along with pictures of some kind of entity that scratches people who enter into the home. She also has taped audio recordings of various voices such as of children laughing and also of barking dogs which were not present inside the home when the recordings were taped.

Deanna stated that there are at least five ghosts when talking about the number of apparitions that she believes to be present in her home. She added that some are there that protect her. She thinks they are women spirits that are there defending her but that most of them are bad, dark forces that are inhuman.

Mrs. Simpson explained that she believes one of the ghosts in the house is a demon. It appeared in one ghost photograph as a seven foot shadow person. A local news crew from around the Hanover area went to investigate the home to see if they could find out anything. While they were there, Deanna caught some orbs on her cell phone camera and also took a picture of a shadowy hand reaching out toward her and the news team.

When the news crew took their cameras inside, their photojournalist stated that he experienced a feeling of having his hand burning and there was a scratch that appeared on his wrist. Mrs. Simpson placed Holy water on him and then stated that because the news crew was telling the story, putting it out to the public. That was something they did not want, so that is why that scratch is there. She added that the wound was the spirits way of warning the news crew.

Deanna had priests, paranormal investigators and mediums all inside her house. The home was featured on the ghost show The Dead Files on the Travel Channel on Saturday evening. Mrs. Simpson stated that the paranormal crew was able to turn up evidence of several grisly deaths that happened there.

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