‘Family Guy’ Creators Reveal Future of Show [Video]

Family Guy

The creators of Family Guy have some wild ideas for the show’s upcoming season as well as the future. During the panel for Fox’s Family Guy at the San Francisco Comic Book Convention (Comic Con), the creators of the show revealed that the season opener will be a crossover episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy. In the trailer for the episode, the Griffins are taking a family trip when they end up in Springfield. While the Griffins spend time with the Simpsons, Stewie bonds with Bart over prank calls, Homer introduces Peter to Springfield’s donuts and Peter mistakenly introduces Homer to Quahog’s beer, Pawtucket Ale. However, after Homer tastes some he believes that Pawtucket Ale ripped off Duff beer. Homer is proven right by Moe and a chicken-style fight ensues ending in an explosion.

Family GuyAside from the crossover episode, the creators also told fans about story lines for the 13th season. These story lines include Stewie getting impregnated by Brian, Meg being a foot model and Chris traveling with Brian and Stewie through time on an adventure similar to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure after Chris fails his history test. Another more controversial storyline is when Peter and his friends help Jesus handle his virginity in the Christmas episode. The show will also have a couple of guest stars, one of these stars will appear as himself on the show. These stars are Julie Bowen, Lea Thompson, Allison Janney, Jeff Garlin and Liam Neeson.

Family Guy does not stop there. The creators of Family Guy also revealed that they would like to create a Star Trek episode that is similar to the Star Wars episodes the series aired in the past. The Griffins might be coming to a movie theater near you in the distant future. During the Comic Con panel, Peter Shin, the show’s director, said that they were doing pre-work on it a few years ago but had to put it on hold because Seth MacFarlane started directing Ted 2. Steve Callaghan, the executive producer for the show, said that it was difficult to work on the movie while they were doing work for the show and that someday they will make a movie.

Fans of The Cleveland Show may be seeing some familiar faces after Callaghan told fans that characters from The Cleveland Show will be coming to Family Guy after The Cleveland Show was cancelled. Callaghan said that the best part about animation is that even though the show got cancelled they can still bring the characters to their show. Fans were still curious about who hit Brian with the car and one fan asked the unanswered question. Seth Green, who voices Chris Griffin on the show, said it was Justin Bieber and Callaghan agreed with the answer.

Family Guy will be starting their season off with The Simpsons and Family Guy episode called The Simpsons Guy. Future episodes of the show will explore foot models, time travel, a strange baby and Jesus. The creators also revealed a possible movie in the works. The show airs on Sep. 28 on Fox at 9pm.

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