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For some really unique experiences, while not travel to the UK on your next vacation? This, quite literal, united kingdom of individual and rather different countries has so much to offer the traveler.

Let’s start with jolly old England. While most people immediately think of London, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and all the splendors of royalty, there are so many quaint and unique places to visit elsewhere in the country.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

Take Stratford-upon-Avon, for example. If you haven’t heard of the town, you have surely heard tell of one of its most famous past residents. Stratford (as the town is more commonly known) is the birthplace of the world’s probably most famous playwright and poet, William Shakespeare. Even today you can enjoy his work at the Royal Shakespeare Theater, where the Royal Shakespeare Company puts on some great entertainment.

You can also visit Shakespeare’s former home in the well-maintained Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, home to his wife’s family. You can even occasionally see a little street theater outside the house, as pictured above.

Let’s head up to the highlands of Scotland and visit Loch Ness, home to a mysterious and, unfortunately, probably fictional character, the Loch Ness Monster, sometimes affectionately known as “Nessie” for short.

Many people have wanted to believe in this creature’s existence over the years since attention was first brought to it in 1933. There have been many disputed photographs of the creature, looming from the water and also sonar readings. However, now 74 years later, no proof has ever been found.

“Photoshopped” image of the “Loch Ness Monster”

Naturally, Scotland has so much more to offer the tourist besides Nessie, with many other beautiful lochs and scenic views, well-preserved castles and great cities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh. The whisky is, of course, famous worldwide.

While we travel to the UK, our unique experiences must include Wales, with the locals’ lovely, lilting spoken accent, and a location which is great for some unexpected activities.

Besides the green and rolling hills and many historic castles, you might be interested to hear that the country is becoming more and more popular for “extreme” sports, including hang gliding, downhill cycling and surfing.

The green and rolling hills of Wales, UK

The terrain of this lovely countryside has also proven to be perfect for rally car driving, as Wales recently attracted the World Rally Championship (WRC) and the Wales Rally GB is held there every year.

On top of this the St Fagans National History Museum, an open-air museum located in Cardiff, has proven to be ever-popular with visitors, as it chronicles the architecture, culture and lifestyle of the Welsh people.

Lest we forget, as reported in June, Llanwrtyd Wells is a fascinating place to visit as you travel to Wales, with its unique and quirky activities. If you have ever wanted to experience the “World Bog Snorkeling Championships,” the annual “Horse vs. Man Marathon” or even competitive rock-paper-scissors, then this is the place to be.

Legananny Dolman, County Down, Ireland

Let’s do a little trip across the water to Ireland. The largest island in Europe, Ireland can be confusing to those who do not know the history. The country is actually divided into two parts. One is the Republic of Ireland, covering a large portion of the island.

The second, and smaller area, is Northern Island which is a member of the United Kingdom and part of our story here.

With rugged and beautiful scenery and historic castles and dolmans, Northern Island is a delight to visit, and readers will be interested to hear that this part of the world was used for many locations in the popular TV series, “Game of Thrones.”  These include Dragonstone, The Stormlands and the Haunted Forest, among others. See the Discover Northern Ireland guide linked below for more details.

The above is an a brief introduction to some of the more unique and unusual destinations throughout the United Kingdom, but there is so much more to offer. When you travel to Great Britain or the British Isles, as the UK is also known, these unique countries will both excite and entertain you with the unusual experiences of a lifetime.

By Anne Sewell


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