Twitter Wants to Grow Up to be Like Facebook

Twitter Wants to Grow Up to be Like Facebook

Twitter, the network that made the hashtag more popular, wants to grow up to be like Facebook. Though Twitter is a popular social media site, famous for a variety of perks, they seem to always fall way short of being as big as Facebook. The CEO Dick Costolo has introduced a plan that may just help the little blue bird fly higher than FB. But just how much growth can a social media network that only allows users to post 140 characters get?

In 2006 Twitter was introduced to internet users everywhere, starting a phenomenon of microblogging known as “tweets”. Over the years it has grown from internet to mobile to television and more. It has proven its credibility as a great way to advertise. “Tweets” are seen all over the place as they are shared on the net, on television, and even in the news. Many broadcasters use it as the prime source for networking and getting viewers opinions. Thanks to the hash tag popularity subjects, people, and businesses are much easier to find.

It also seems that celebrity endorsement is more popular on Twitter than many other sites. Some of the top celebrities being followed include Adele, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Pink, and Oprah. While celebrities love to post pictures on Instagram and posts on Facebook could it just be easier to fit a 140-character tweet into their busy schedules?

The reason why users are not tweeting as much as they are posting is still being researched by Twitter executives. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said the reason that they are so far behind Facebook is because they have been counting wrong all of this time.
That’s right, the supposed solution to Twitter’s slow and significantly less than Facebook’s growth has been a simple miscount. Wanting to get more users can be a slow process but looking at the data a different way could be the ticket to Twitter’s hope of growing up to be like Facebook.

Unlike FB, the little blue bird allows registered and unregistered users to view tweets. This means that Twitter’s targeted ads, which are only seen by registered users, are not bringing in as much revenue as they could be. Twitter CEO believes that if they started targeting ads to unregistered users they would have a lot more income. In addition, counting the unregistered users that visit Twitter as monthly active users (MAU’s) changes the number significantly.

But in the Twitter vs. Facebook game, the bird is still down by a lot. Recounting may put Twitter’s numbers up to 271 million MAU’s but it has a long way to go to reach FB’s 1.3 billion MAU’s. But hopes are high as yesterday Twitter announced that their profits soared in the second quarter, an achievement that many attribute to the World Cup.

Shares are up 35%, in which stock market experts are stating that during the World Cup soccer fans were “tweeting” and “tagging” every part of the game. Twitter also made certain pages and services more personalized for soccer fans giving them more of a reason to tweet their love of the game.

But now the World Cup is over and Twitter still needs quite a climb. Even among its wide usage it does not quite add up to Facebook popularity. If the microblogging, hash tagging, social media site wants to grow up to be like Facebook they are going to need a better plan than just recounting Twitter users. Enact Bernoulli’s Principle and give the bird a lift!

Written by Crystal Boulware



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