Under the Dome: Reconciliation (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

Under the Dome: Reconciliation (Recap and Review)

In this week’s episode of Under the Dome: Reconciliation the town is divided into two factions, the Big Jim Rennie camp and the Julia Shumway camp. Rennie and Rebecca Pine are in jail for attempting to spread a deadly virus throughout Chester’s Mill. Despite this fact, a lot of the townspeople believe that Big Jim was framed for the crime.

Barbie and Julia have a long talk about Melanie and Sam Woodrow. He tells Julia what happened to Melanie Cross back in 1988 and that Sam has always known who she is. Woodrow comes back to his cabin to find Junior going through it looking for the missing pages from his mother’s journal. Junior’s uncle then learns that his sister is still alive somewhere.

Emotions are running pretty hot in the town. Because of this, Barbie tells the three young people, Joe, Melanie and Norrie to “lay low.” Julia agrees with him and the youngsters decide to ignore Barbie’s advice. Rennie senior and Rebecca have a falling out while they are in jail.

Julia tells the residents of Chester’s Mill about her proposed food-share program and Big Jim and Rebecca are brought out to have charges read against them. The townspeople begin fighting amongst themselves and when one of them rushes towards Rennie, Phil, the temporary town’s sheriff, shoots the man dead.

Sam tells Junior how he feels about the news that Pauline, his sister and Junior’s mother, may still be alive. Sam offers to help his nephew find the missing journal pages. Meanwhile Rebecca is badly shaken by the death of the man Phil shot and she tells Julia that Barbie was never in on Big Jim’s virus plan. Julia and Barbie then fire the town sheriff.

In Under the Dome: Reconciliation, the quest for answers continues and Barbie turns down Julia’s proposal that he become the town sheriff. Melanie touches the dome to see if it will give her any answers as to why she came back from the dead and nothing happens.

While Sam and Junior search the barber shop, Woodrow plants some evidence for them to find. The younger Rennie believes that Lyle killed Angie to make the dome come down. He also reveals to his uncle who the other three “hands” are.

Rebecca confesses to Big Jim that seeing Walt die at the town meeting is the first time she has seen someone die. She reveals that she sees things differently now as a result. Phil sneaks into the jail to tell Big Jim that Julia fired him. The former sheriff wants to let Rennie out but Jim tells him no, he has another plan.

Norrie and Melanie get into an argument and Melanie runs off. Sam comes very close to killing Junior after getting him drunk. His nephew confessing that his uncle is the “only family” he has left and this stops Woodrow cold. Melanie kisses Joe and Norrie attacks her. After a pushing match between the two, Norrie is wounded and the sight of her blood gives Joe an idea.

Julia’s food drive looks to be a success until someone blows up the warehouse. Just before the explosion, Barbie discovers that a lot of the boxes in the storage facility are empty. Phil accuses Julia of being responsible and she feels he is right.

Norrie’s mother discovers that Phil was behind the explosion and Barbie saves the day by shooting the former sheriff. Julia finds enough food to feed the entire town for over two months and Joe’s idea about the blood has to do with checking Melanie’s against his to see if there is a difference.

Under the Dome: Reconciliation ends with just that, a reconciliation of the townspeople and a coming together of Big Jim, Rebecca, Julia and Barbie. Joe attempts to get back with Norrie after seeing that Barbie and Julia are a couple again and the question of just who should be the new sheriff is brought up once more. Melanie asks Rebecca for help with the blood issue and a tunnel is discovered in her old locker. It appears that this may be where the missing town barber has gone.

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