Under the Dome Revelation: A Town Divided (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

Under the Dome Revelation: A Town Divided (Recap/Review)

The residents of Chester’s Mill in Under the Dome, Revelation, become a town divided even more when the temporary alliance with Barbie, Big Jim and Rebecca causes friction between Dale and Julia. She goes to Sam, Junior’s uncle to find out just what the high school science teacher is really up to in terms of the senior Rennie’s “extermination plan.”

Since Barbie lost his closest ally, he ends up joining forces with Joe, Norrie and “Melanie Cross.” When Dale learns of the emails that the youngsters of Chester’s Mill got in last week’s episode, they all go to the high school to see if they can still get a signal while under the dome.

Junior goes to see Lyle in jail and sets the barber free in the hopes that he will reveal the truth about his mother. Rebecca discovers that a farmer’s pigs have the flu and Barbie finds out that Melanie Cross just might really be a girl from 1988.

Initially Barbie doesn’t believe that Melanie is the same girl in the 1988 high school yearbook. The group then try to investigate who she is and what happened to her back in the past. Sam and Julia go to Ms. Pines’ house to figure out what her new and deadly plan is.

Once there they find out that the science teacher has been researching pigs and blood work. Big Jim learns that Rebecca has been lying to him and when he catches up to her in the lab, the teacher explains about the virus that she has developed.

In Under the Dome: Revelation, Rebecca reveals her plan to release this manufactured “bug” and let “natural selection” kill off a third of town’s population to ease the upcoming food shortage. Meanwhile the town’s denizens become divided even further when Julia fully switches from Team Barbie to Team Sam.

More secrets are brought out into the open as Melanie remembers what happened the night she died back in 1988. Norrie tries to find out from Barbie just why Julia has given him the push and they find out that either Lyle or Sam were responsible for the young girl’s death. They also learn that Melanie and Junior’s mother Pauline, along with Sam and Lyle, were the first to find the “magic” egg that Julia threw in the lake in a previous episode.

Junior finds out that his mother sent postcards to Lyle after she “killed herself” and that she also left a journal behind. It appears that Pauline Rennie was a prophet and apparently she knew the dome would be coming down in the future.

Lyle escapes from Junior with the journal after knocking him out. Sam and Julia discover that the virus Rebecca developed is going to be much more deadly than the science teacher realises and they rush to stop her and Big Jim from infecting the town’s population.

By the end of Under the Dome: Revelation the town with its two main factions is still divided with new alliances having been formed. Barbie tries to explain things to Julia who shuts him out, again. Sam has a new secret that could put his new partner, Julia, in danger if she finds out. Previews of next week’s episode seem to indicate even more disruption in the town trapped under the dome.

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