Untouchable Gupta Family Perfectly Positioned in South Africa

Gupta Family

The powerful Gupta family is untouchable and remains perfectly positioned to control South Africa. The Gupta overlords have a tremendous power of influence, and the African National Party (ANC) government would not dare oppose them. The political influence, arrogance and bullying tactics of the Guptas has caused the ANC government to once again fall under the controlling schemes of the compelling family and it appears that the ANC has reached the point of no return.

There are allegations of mounting pressure on Eskom, the electricity giant of South Africa to approve a R500 million-coal contract to Idwala Coal, a company co-owned by the Guptas. Eskom officials signed a document evaluating the deal as risky. Zola Tsotsi the chairperson of Eskom is under immense pressure to sign the deal, despite the risks and disapproval by Eskom Management. Unconfirmed reports speculate that some key players of the Gupta Empire have approached government ministers and raised concerns about the reluctance of Eskom to sign the deal.

Last year the Idwala Coal Crypts, situated in Mpumalanga, South Africa was ordered to clean up its operations after breaking environmental laws. Environmental Rights spokesperson Melissa Fourie said mining infringements were troublesome in the Mpumalanga wetland areas and experienced recurring problems with acid mine water drainage. President Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzana has been linked to the Idwala Coal mining operation. Duduzana Zuma worked for the Gupta family for more than a decade and is now a high-ranking senior executive of the Gupta Group.

A report issued last year confirmed the mine had been operating illegally for over three years and the ANC government disregarded any complaints. Reports stated the mine had been operating without a water license, had illegally diverted a road and river, destroyed a wetland and had defaulted on payments to subcontractors.

The blatant abuse of power by the Gupta family raised questions again about another scandal regarding the private aircraft landing at Waterkloof airbase as three South African National Defense (SANDF) members appeared in court. The jet was carrying over 200 guests to attend a Gupta family wedding, and the landing caused a national rumpus. Over the investigation period, the charges against the soldiers have been substantially lessened. President Zuma tactfully defended this action and declared Waterkloof airbase was not a national key point. Once again, the mighty Guptas showed disrespect toward South Africa and its citizens.

The relatively unknown Gupta family arrived in South Africa from India almost twenty years ago and stepped into the Zuma fold after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) disrupted the corruption deals between Shaik Schabir and Zuma. Schabir openly flaunted his relationship with Zuma for material gain. Schabir was charged with corruption and handed down a 15 year jail sentence. After spending less than three years, mostly in the hospital while serving his sentence, he was released on medical parole, and all corruption charges against Zuma were cancelled.

The Guptas are ambitious businesspersons who do everything on an impressive scale, and their actions prove Schabir was an amateur. Within a matter of time, the Guptas embraced the Zuma family, the ANC government and cabinet ministers without any objections. The Zuma presidency immediately maintained an intimate relationship with the powerful Guptas and ensured contracts worth millions of rands were channeled to the Gupta Empire. Funds rolled in, and the constant parade of grand scale meetings helped the Gupta family conduct their business in an invincible and forthright manner.

Within a year the Gupta empire has concluded an agreement to set up a new television station and secure tender contracts worth billions of rands with Transnet, the major transportation company of South Africa. They have continued to run illegal mines, ignore environmental laws and pressurize Eskom into giving their empire the latest deal. The ANC government dare not cross the stronghold of the Gupta family, who are untouchable and ideally positioned to control South Africa.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


6 Responses to "Untouchable Gupta Family Perfectly Positioned in South Africa"

  1. réplique montre cartier calibre   September 6, 2017 at 12:58 am

    Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine a number of unrelated information, nevertheless actually worth taking a search, whoa did one study about Mid East has got additional problerms too
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  2. Sir Reaper   May 5, 2015 at 7:24 am

    Isn’t Schabir supposed to be dying? Isn’t that why he got a “get out of jail free card” or is it because of his questionable dealings and relationship with Jacob Zuma?

    I’m glad that he openly admits that he supports terrorist murderers in the same paragraph that he compares white South Africans to a dying donkey. Not only does it smack of racist hate speech but it shows how truly morally corrupt he is.

  3. Virgin JNB   May 3, 2015 at 1:02 pm

    Thanks for your thoughts Shabs – better late than never. I thought that you were a dying donkey and that’s why they let you out of prison (it was pretty ungrateful putting you in there in the first place seeing as you managed to single-handedly end apartheid in SA ). I don’t blame you for being mad at being described as an amateur crook. I’d say you have to be a pretty accomplished one to get a 15 year sentence. Anyway chin up nil carborundum illegitimi

    • schabir Shaik   May 4, 2015 at 3:58 am

      Thank you for your response. Keep your eyes on game just who is defecting the ball.. don’t get distracted by the bunny girls jiving on the sides Or who is attending the game. Ciao

  4. Shaik Schabir   May 2, 2015 at 4:44 am

    Hi Laura, on reading your article wrt the Gupta’s powerful position and political influence in SA and their relationship with President Zuma and his family. I wish to comment on your “opionion” that I flaunted my relationship with President Jacob Zuma for MATERIAL GAIN. Firstly I would appreciate if you could list these material gains and secondly just how I flaunted my personal relationship with Jacob Zuma. In addition let me point out to you that you out of your depth wrt understanding my relationship with President Zuma. There are many many white South Africans like you who are not willing to accept that your days in this country have long ended. You are like a dying donkey in its last kicks and throngs of death. To compare the Guptas to me is a joke… this family whoever they may be connected to for whatever reason or intent, cannot alter the FACT that they entered this country after the liberation of South Africa to profit from the gains, pains and struggles of families that gave their lives for the liberation of this country. On the other hand, I was active in the liberation of apartheid South Africa so was the rest of my family including my late father and this was done without the expectation of material gain. Our relationships with political figures be they Presidents or Ministers was forged during our bitter struggle years of fighting racists apartheid SA, the apartheid SA that your parents, grandparents and other family members openly supported and a system of privilige that you all thrived on. Your newspaper is well known to house former apartheid agents like Sam Sole and perhaps others and lacks the credibilty of pursueing the truth for the gain of society as a whole but for pursuit of political agendas that you think is hidden. My advise to you is to redirect your energy more positively in the pursuit of truth for the benefit of society and not for re – shaping your masters plan.
    I await your response to my two questions as stated above.
    Schabir Shaik

    • Laura   May 4, 2015 at 4:30 am

      Mr. Schabir Shaik,

      In response to your question, my answer is relatively easy.

      My comments and opinion were formed after reading several articles about your relationship with Jacob Zuma.

      “It was a mutually beneficial relationship and they both coasted along happily until the National Prosecuting Authority disrupted the party.” Quote from a Daily Maverick article. The link for reference is –


      What I do not understand is your comments regarding “white” people, I think your remarks are on the boundary of hate speech. Such a pity that all South Africans have not tried to live in peace.



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