Woman Is the New Superhero


Woman as a superhero is not a new concept. Usually when women are referred to in this manner thoughts turn to Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Lady Blackhawk, Storm and a slew of other Marvel and DC Comic heroes. There is another type of woman superhero though – Mom.

Moms spend nine months nurturing their unborn baby. They take care of their own bodies and give up some of their favorite drinks including coffee, herbal teas, and wine. Some even develop food allergies or severe heartburn. Some pregnant women develop anemia and diabetes. Up and coming moms up heave their routines and their bodies to be their healthiest for the sake of their new child.

This is what some call the power of love. MRIs scans show that a mothers brain lights up in certain areas when their baby is in distress. Stories of super strength flood the Internet showing a mother’s ability to react with superhuman speed to save a distressed child. This is known as hysterical strength and it is not easily studied, so is not recognized by scientists.

Moms (and dads) spend a minimum of 18 years teaching their students, keeping them safe and helping them become active and positive members of society. It is one of the most important jobs. The job of mom is a woman being a superhero for the life of their children.

Moms are not the only female superheroes. Young girls who speak out against bullying, girls who speak up about positive body image and girls who promote healthy choices for other young girls should be celebrated for their endeavors. Bullies have always existed, but with the advent of social media bullying does not end on the schoolhouse steps. Now it is in homes. There is no escaping bullying for some children.

Earlier this month a teenager, age 14, took a picture with hurtful graffiti and posted it on Facebook. She posed with a smile to show that she was bigger and better than the hurtful comments of other teenagers. It helped that she was supported 100 percent by her mom.

There is a group dedicated to creating more women superheroes in order to create more empowered young girls Rebecca (her story above). Their mission is to spread kindness and bring awareness to girls committing crimes against other girls. Their aim is to stop the name-calling, physical violence and other aggressions that girls perform against other girls.

The girls, Lauren and Molly, who developed the Kind Campaign met in college in California. Lauren spent her middle school years bullied and depressed because her friends turned on her. She even attempted suicide in the seventh grade. In 2009 they banded together seeing a problem and becoming part of the change. They did not fight back with violence. They fought back with education, awareness and kindness.

Positive outlooks create the woman role model and hero. These girls are the new type of superheroes. They will grow into moms, wives and businesswomen. Moms are the first defense at raising independent, strong girls and boys. Girls and boys who will grow into strong men and women whose job will be to repeat the cycle of kindness that Lauren and Molly began. These are the women superheroes and they are found everywhere.

By Sara Kourtsounis

Today Parents
Kind Campaign

2 Responses to "Woman Is the New Superhero"

  1. Sara Kourtsounis   July 14, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    You are correct that many types of women can be strong and role models, I was simply trying to focus on certain types of women. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Sheila   July 14, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    I would edit the last part of this article to not be so stereotypical in a sexist way. Not all girls grow up to be wives or moms or businesswomen. Plenty of women never marry, and many women don’t become moms. Working at Walmart or being an engineer are two examples of positions which do not fall under the business tag. I have known an excellent group of women who have always been single and who are some of the strongest women (and people in general) that I have know.


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