World News: Daily Update From Guardian Liberty Voice July 8, 2014


The world news daily update from Guardian Liberty Voice for July 8, 2014 covers the silent stories of the Syrian female refugees, as well as focuses on the issue of terrorism around the world. A London student carried cash into Heathrow airport in her underwear intended to help the Syrian fighters, while Israel launched a new operation called “Operation Protective Edge” that is primarily focused on combating the extremist militant group called Hamas. Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe visited Australia, signing a free trade agreement with the country.

A New Survey Released by the United Nations Indicates That Female Refugees are Struggling to Survive

A survey carried out by the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) in the Middle East indicated more than 145,000 Syrian refugee families are led by women who struggle to support their families. According to the survey, one in four Syrian women who have fled their homes, are alone, with no husband to help care for them and their families. These women come from a traditional community, where women without a husband are treated as an outcast. Melissa Fleming, who is a UNHCR chief spokeswoman, said that women refugees are not only traumatized, but also extremely anxious about how they will live and support their families in a foreign country.

London Student Carried Cash in Underwear for Terrorists

A London born university student was caught trying to smuggle 20,000 euro in her underwear through Heathrow airport. The 27-year-old Nawal Msaad intended to give the money to a British terrorist who is fighting in Syria. The money was carefully wrapped up in plastic wrap as Msaad prepared to board a flight to Istanbul from Heathrow. When she was searched by police at the departure gate, the police found cash hidden in her pants. Amal El-Wahabi, also 27, was asked by her husband to bring the money to Turkey and Msaad agreed to be a trusted courier. El-Wahabi’s husband, Aine Davis, joined fighters in Syria a few months earlier. The two women are now on trial at the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, better known as Old Baily.

Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Gaza in New Operation

A major operation was launched on Tuesday by the Israeli army, against the Islamist militant group in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government authorized the deployment of 40,000 troops to the Gaza Strip, while carrying out attacks on more than 50 different sites across the region. Israeli authorities made the announcement earlier today, calling for the beginning of “Operation Protective Edge.” The operation is meant to strike Hamas and protect southern Israeli citizens from intensified rocket fire from Gaza. Current Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has ordered the military to “take their gloves off” when fighting against Hamas and issued orders to increase the attacks on Gaza.

Japanese Prime Minister Meets With Australian Politicians, Signs Free Trade Agreement

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has called for Japan and Australia to move forward with the new economic and military agreements on the first full day of his visit to Australia. Abe reiterated Japan’s vow of peace that was made following World War II, and sent his condolences to all Australians killed and traumatized during the conflict. “This [peace] vow that Japan made after the war is still fully alive today. It will never change going forward,” Shinzo Abe pledged.

The Japanese Prime Minister also stated that this vow of peace deepened economic and defence ties, leading to a new era in the relationship between two pacific countries. “Let us walk forward together – Australia and Japan with no limit.” Abe said as he called for the vast seas and skies linking the Pacific and Indian oceans to be “open and free.”

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