Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez: Romance or Showmance?

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez: Romance or Shomance?

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have known each other for several years but this past weekend they engaged in a bit of kissing aboard a yacht near Sardinia that has some people calling it a romance and others just a showmance. The couple were photographed by the paparazzi seemingly having a great time, thanks to their generous host, Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchio, who was also aboard, with his girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez has been in the area since at least June 22. She has posted photos on Instagram of herself having fun and catching the rays. She was photographed with Zac Efron in New York in May 2012 before his movie The Paperboy premiered there.

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez’ shared kiss aboard the boat in the Mediterranean would probably have not garnered as many headlines as it already has if it was not known that Rodriguez stated last October that she is bisexual. She has been going out with Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevingne, 21, for several months. Michelle’s being photographed kissing Zac Efron would seem to suggest that her romance with Delevingne is now over.  Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez: Romance or Shomance?

In January, the two women went to a New York Knicks game together and showed their affection for one another. Then, in March, the Fast and Furious star and Victoria’s Secret model were photographed while on vacation together and Delevingne was topless in some of the photos.

However, Zac Efron has been declared to be one of the hottest male stars around by the media. Perhaps the Avatar actress just appreciates being in the company of both males or females, as long as they are hot. Maybe she has grown past labels, which are, after all, so last year.

Though Zac Efron has been most recently in a romantic relationship with Lily Collins, he has not been seen with her lately. It could be difficult, even for a movie star like Efron, to refuse spending time aboard a yacht in the company of a beautiful woman like Michelle Rodriguez courtesy of a rich Italian businessman.

Whether there is anything to the relationship between Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez other than a “showmance,” though, is a different question. They are both still young and maybe just want to have a good time together.

If their relationship progresses beyond just having a good time together, though, some people are already raising concerns that Michelle Rodriguez is known as being a partier, while Zac Efron is trying to abstain since coming out of rehab. Efron does not need any setbacks in his ongoing recovery process.

There are undoubtedly worse ways a person could spend his or her time than being in the company of either Michelle Rodriguez or Zac Efron. It is probably too early to call their relationship a romantic one, despite preliminary evidence that suggests the pair of stars are a couple. Both Efron and Rodriguez have been linked to many different people in the past, so it could be that even if there is a spark of romance between them, they are more like ships passing in the night than two people looking to have a long-term relationship together.

Of course, it might be that the relationship Michelle Rodriguez had with Cara Delevingne and other people she has been spotted with in the past could be called showmances. The same could be said for Zac Efron and the women he has been seen dating, like Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical and Lily Collins. Being seen and photographed out in public with high-profile attractive stars is one way that stars stay in the news and get publicity, after all.

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez shared a kiss and possibly more aboard the yacht of wealthy Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchio over the Fourth of July weekend. They might have realized that they were being photographed and did not care, or welcomed the publicity; or, they might not have known. Only they know if the kiss was any more than a showmance. No matter what their actual feelings might be for each other, spending one’s vacation aboard a yacht off the coast of Sardinia is not too shabby.

Written By Douglas Cobb

4 Responses to "Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez: Romance or Showmance?"

  1. The TRUTH   August 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    This is publicity. Rodriguez is trying to save face and being forced to do this because Hollywood and FANS have such a problem with homosexuality. Both MRod and Zac are full blown gay but they cannot come out b/c of their popularity. This is NOTHING new in Hollywood and has been going on for almost 100 years. If you watch how MRod interacted with Delevingne then look at the “PDA” with Efron you can clearly see she feels more comfortable with women. She even talks like a lesbian calling women chicks. Straight women do not talk like that. That is just one example. As for Efron, he hangs around with the most flaming gay boys in Hollywood. Either people are in denial or have no Gaydar whatsoever. This is VERY sad for both actors. Their publicists don’t care about their livelihood at all. All they care about is how much money the celebs can make for them.

    Drugs and alcohol abuse are linked with homosexuality because of society. Who would want to be gay? Usually resorting to drugs and alcohol abuse is their only way of “coping” with it because they are FORCED to be someone they aren’t. Hollywood is a deadly business for anyone but for homosexuals it’s like a death wish. There are so many celebs who are in the closet and people have NO IDEA. They even have fake marriages. Many have commuted suicide over it and Hollywood will go to ALL lengths to cover it up. This is the unfortunate TRUE behind the scenes of Hollywood and being gay.

    Celebrities have to sacrifice their true identity and personal life for their Image. What you see in all these tabloids is not who they really are. They know when cameras are around so they play the part. And that goes for ALL of them and is not just Mrod and Efron. It really is sad for talented actors who just want to work have to put on FAKE shows for all the bigots and Homophobes out there. What’s worse is they cannot stand up for themselves because they think it will ruin their career! This should not be their priority. Being healthy and finally just saying I’M GAY would set them free! Living a LIE staging fake romances is far from fun. Hopefully they can use their fame to help others who are suffering from homophobic bigots especially kids who are constantly being made fun of or worse take their own lives. It’s not a choice to be gay. If it were, NO ONE would be gay! Who would want to constantly be persecuted and tortured because they chose to be gay? I’m so ashamed of these two and sad at the same time. I’m more disappointed in Michelle Rodriguez. She is 10 years older than Efron. She has been in showbiz for so long and to carry such a burden no wonder she acts the way she does. The first step will be admitting who they are and stop lying. Making up showmances just puts more lies on the cake and completely unhealthy. I wish them well but making up fake romances is not going to make them straight. EVER!

    And of course Efron said he wasn’t gay but do you think he would say yes? Come on! Most celebs who have been questioned in interviews about their sexuality have always denied it. It then comes out years later. Examples. Ricky Martin, Ellen Paige, George Michal the list is endless. (Many even get married to dispell the rumors) So if you think what they tell you in interviews are the truth they are just telling you what you want to hear! –

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