Abducted Amish Sisters Have Been Found

Amish Sisters

The Amish sisters, Fannie and Delila Miller, have been returned home safely. WWNYTV.com is reporting that the sisters had been in a home in Richville, N.Y. and that the man who lived in the returned them.  Police are questioning the man now.

Police investigating the abduction of the two Amish sisters were faced with more than the usual difficulties as they attempted to locate the girls. The Amish eschew modern technology of all kinds, and as such, not only did the family of the girls speak Pennsylvania Dutch and not have a telephone, but no photographs existed of the missing sisters, who were kidnapped from their family’s vegetable stand in New York. Police on Thursday spoke with the family of the missing girls and were able to produce a sketch of the eldest girl, 12, for distribution. The family would not consent to the creation of a sketch of the youngest girl, 6.

The Amish sisters, Fannie Miller, the older of the two, and Delila Miller, were taken from their family’s roadside stand in Oswegatchie, N.Y., on Wednesday at approximately 7:30 p.m. Because a witness was able to describe the vehicle, an Amber Alert was issued for a white, small 4-door car. The witness said that the sedan pulled up to the vegetable stand and the passenger exited the vehicle and put “something in back” of the car. The girls were both wearing dark blue dresses, black bonnets and blue aprons when they were abducted. They had just finished milking their livestock and were assisting a customer.

By Jennifer Pfalz

New York Daily News

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