Alabama Atheist Activist Getting Death Threats From Alleged Christians

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Alabama Atheist Activist Getting Death Threats From Alleged Christians

In Alabama, an atheist activist by the name of Amanda Scott started getting death threats and hate mail from alleged Christians after she started speaking out against a planned In God We Trust display. It was to be set up at one of the state government buildings in Mobile. Scott, age 21, who is a college student, gave a speech in front of the Mobile County Commission two different times against the exhibit.

The first was at June 19 meeting when the In God We Trust display was agreed upon and accepted. She spoke again on Aug. 7, when she and numerous other individuals stated that they wanted to propose the idea of having their own display erected. It was one that read the words In Reason We Trust.

Scott is a member of the Mobile Atheist Community and she openly spoke to the media about her resistance to the In God We Trust display. She stated she believed that mostly Christians from the local area were behind the threatening notes and they appeared to be upset by her being brave enough to stand up and challenge the In God We Trust exhibit. She said she received a flood of different kinds of hate mail and also got death threats.

As for some of the messages which were aimed at Scott from allegedly angry Christians, they told her the following various things that should happen to her such as jumping off a bridge, being shot for treason, get a rope, take a flying leap from the Canal Bridge and someone suggesting taking Scott to Iraq and leaving her there.

One statement that came through was that the person believed in God. In God We Trust should not be the center of any issue. This person went on to appalling say that if Scott was about to be murdered or raped, she would then be asking God to help her.

Another individual asked her if she did not believe in God, how could the word “God” offend her? The individual then made a wish that people like Scott should all walk into oncoming traffic.  A man also told her that he hoped she went to Hell because she was a filthy atheist.

There have been many threats placed against Scott on Facebook. In fact a new Facebook page called Christian ‘Love’ in Alabama has been opened and it was made for the one purpose of collecting all the hateful posts that have come from reportedly angry Christians. People who felt it was their right to intimidate and abuse Scott. The Facebook link is below.

Scott, who is a Faulkner State Community College student, explained that she was extremely disappointed when she started receiving the hate mail. She stated that she tried to be respectful in her testament and interview, but she was only met with detestable comments and letters from associates of the Mobile community attacking her personal character and also her physical appearance.

She continued on with she would not allow hatred to dishearten her from continuing to defend the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state. She added that she will fight for the civil rights of atheists who reside in both Mobile and also the entire state of Alabama.

Scott has been hailed a hero in the atheist community because she is continuing to speak out for what she believes is right even though she has received threats and harassment. Her ordeal is a powerful reminder of the viciousness that can come from people who do not agree with how one believes or does not believe.

In Alabama, Scott is dealing with death threats and hate mail after she began speaking out against the display that was to be set up at one of the state government buildings in Mobile.

By Kimberly Ruble


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