All 4 One Twenty Years and Counting [Video]

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All 4 One Twenty Years and Counting [Video]

The everlasting popular and R& B band that has had many cross-overs, All-4-One is not quite done. They are coming up on twenty years of fame and fortune and in a sense, they are only getting started. The group of four faithful friends have covered much ground and still have much to offer as people rediscover their songs of yore and are ready for another dose. Their magical charisma and talent has easily captivated audiences from around the world for two decades. All-4-One has gently entered fans domains with their outstanding vocals, intrigue and tireless love songs.

All 4 One Twenty Years and Counting [Video]

Joining together as high school chums and friends from the Antelope and Mojave areas in California, their prime interest in music was quickly apparent. The group of four, not traditionally trained in music but each with their own background in singing, came together through friendship and found an awesome gift they could offer to others. Through their music, the group united and formed a bond that has lasted over twenty years.

High school friends, Tony Borowiak and Alfred Nevarez started singing together for fun and quickly met Delious Kennedy and Jamie Jones. The group of friends found their special blend of vocals and it all seemed so natural to form a quartet.

All 4 One Twenty Years and Counting [Video] All-4-One easily became a very appropriate name the group. Their common love for music and the instant connection they quickly developed together led them into new territory and endless opportunities.

With many memorable songs to their name such as So Much In Love, I Can Love You Like That, Beautiful As You and Skillz, All-4-One’s first major hit came on the heels on John Michael Montgomery’s I Swear. The huge hit, written by Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers was natural country song with its lyrics and smooth blend of suave. Already a growing hit on the country charts, I Swear was offered to All-4-One as a cross-over hit. The group pondered the possibilities for awhile but quickly came around with their own version of the tune. It all proved to be a blessing in disguise, as I Swear has become the signature song for All-4-One. They won a Grammy Award for the song in 1995 and since then audiences will wait in anticipation to hear it once again.

I Swear is the perfect wedding song and was recently featured by All-4-One in a Swisscom commercial. Music and love has always transcended the world’s borders, as All-4-One has enjoyed a huge following around the globe.

The music of All-4-One not only appeals to worldwide crowds, but spans the generations of time. From the teens who grew up in the 90’s to their parents, the mellow music is relatable, fun and soothing. The band is constantly on the road crooning their famous line-up in various venues. They are quick to admit that they owe their success to their loyal fans. Each performance seems brand new and touches people in individual ways. As if singing to one person at a time, All-4-One provides memories while introducing new music.

The group is wrapping up the completion of their 20th anniversary album, currently entitled #Twenty. It is set to be released in the near future. They are very interactive with their fans on Facebook, even asking for title suggestions, yet they continue to keep a humble profile.

All 4 One twenty Years and Counting [Video]All-4-One is a band of brothers, in tune with each other and united by music and a kindred spirit. Although working on separate projects from time to time, their home base is always singing with each other. The band is especially unique as it still has the same four original members and has never broken up over the years. They have supported each other through milestones, marriages and mishaps through the years, which has made their bond even stronger. As all the men primarily do vocals, the band also has a regular keyboardist, drummer and guitarist that travel with them to each gig.All 4 One twenty Years and Counting [Video]

All-4-One has reached their twenty year mark as time and change seems to stand still. Grounded in their commitment to each other, their fans and their faith, All-4-One routinely begins each performance with a moment of thankfulness. Like fine wine, All-4-One with twenty years and counting, keeps getting better with age.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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