Apps No Longer Popular for Smartphone Users?


It appears that apps are no longer as popular for smartphone users as they once were. New research shows that a third of all users within the UK are no longer bothering with new software placed on the app stores, including the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. It begs the question as to whether there is any use in creating them anymore.

One factor to point out is the growth in smartphone use over the last few years. More and more people are opting for the phones, including those who are older and less likely to try out new software. That is purely because smartphones have become more affordable and accessible than they were just three years ago.

Another factor is that there are already so many apps on the market. Many of those have been around for so long and already have such great reviews. It leads to many wondering if there is any point in trying out something new. There likely is no point, as people tend to follow the rule of why fix something that is not broken?

It is understandable looking at that factor that fewer people are downloading newer apps. Those who choose the download the newer ones are doing it because they either have friends on it, they like to test new products or because they have spoken directly to the source. There is no need to purposely search out something that will replace an existing option.

The idea of apps no longer being popular for smartphone users is not quite true. It is more the fact that newer ones are not as popular. This is evident from the data of the number of people searching on the various app stores. People tend to only go there when they have a specific app that they want to download.

However, the data also shows that the number of people downloading apps has fallen. This would suggest that they are not as popular. However, most people have already downloaded the ones that they want. They will only re-download them when they switch phones, which is every two years or so. Unless their whole memory is wiped or their phones are stolen, there is usually no need to download the apps before then.

From the downloads, it appears that people prefer the free options. This is understandable when considering the market at the moment. Many still struggle to make ends meet, so paying for the luxury of phone applications is not always possible.

The Deloitte research is limited. It simple shows the number of downloads now, but does not show the amount of people who currently use the apps. Nor does it show the amount that they are updated to work with newer models of smartphones and tablets. Paul Lee from Deloitte does admit that there are some limitations to this research and mentioned that there are other facets to the market.

There are still many companies doing well with the phone applications business. It all depends on the age and reputation of them and whether there is a strong following of the specific business. The recent data is not a full sign that apps are no longer popular for smartphone users.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Independent

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