Kate Bush Would Like Fans to Avoid Using Smartphones and Tablets

Kate Bush

Kate Bush would like fans to avoid using any smartphones or tablets during her performances. She wants people to stop taking photos or filming her performances. This is not because she wants to control the images of herself that are posted online. It is more so she can connect with her audience.

Before the mobile technology, people would connect more with the music. They would listen to every single word and they could “share in the experience together.” Now Bush wants the same thing but finds it difficult when the tech devices are pulled out. The 56-year-old seems to acknowledge that she only asks this for her upcoming London shows.

The singer has chosen the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre in London for her comeback gig. This is a poignant decision as it was the last venue she appeared in a full concert back in 1979. She wants to create a similar atmosphere in the intimate venue, but will find that difficult when there are iPhones, Android devices and other tech gadgets in the air filming her.

It is only fair for fans to accept her wishes. She has worked hard on this concert and is excited to share her music with fans in a full-length concert again. While they may want to capture moments, there is official merchandise to do that. Consider it a chance to go back in time and feel like it is the 1970s again.

Bush understand that asking fans to avoid using smartphones and tablets is a big thing to ask, but she would really like it for people to go along with those wishes. However, the devices have not been banned.

She is not the first star to ask that fans refrain from using their gadgets. Some stars have even gone as far as banning them. They can be confiscated for the rest of the show if spotted using them. The London theaters and many others around the world have permanent bans in place and can ask people to leave if they do not follow those requests.

The Who’s Roger Daltrey recently spoke out about the decision for people to watch through a lens. He finds it a sorry state of affairs, and it is understandable why. With the growth in technology, people miss out on so much more. They cannot really be there for the whole performance. They are not there in the moment, and it takes away so much of the experience.

Using the technology can also be dangerous. Neko Case explains that the flashing camera lights are off-putting. This is one of the reasons for many theaters to have the ban so the cast members’ safeties are considered. For some stars it is all about their appearance. They do not want inferior images or recordings posted online.

However, many people ignore the warnings and requests. They worry about forgetting the moment or not being able to share the moment with their friends and family members afterwards. It may be worth going along with requests now and then to really be in the moment. Bush fans may want to consider going along with her request that fans avoid using smartphones and tablets during her London performances.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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