Ariana Grande: Top Facts for Fans

Ariana Grande Top Facts for Fans

Ariana Grande’s popularity has recently reached new heights. She is now counted among one of the biggest names in the pop circuits. It seems that she had just arrived on the scene when suddenly, her name was everywhere. The transition from being a newcomer to a major star has been swift for Grande. Here are the top essential facts any fan needs to know about Ariana Grande.

So who is this girl, anyway? Grande is a powerhouse singer who has quickly gained a great deal of fame due to her astonishing vocal gifts. In fact, her vocal range is similar to that of Mariah Carey’s, and fans often compare the two divas. Grande falls just short of Carey in the singing department, though: unlike the five octaves and two notes of Carey’s, Grande’s vocal range is at four octaves.

While most everyone would agree that she is an excellent singer, Grande’s dancing is not so “Grande.” Many fans lovingly tease Grande about her lack of dancing ability, and it has been said that she cannot dance to save her life. During her first performance, Vox reports, she just stood there and let her voice do the magic since she is most likely aware of her limitations. As reported by Vox, her dancing caliber only consists of her flipping her hair at this point, but she has recently been trying to improve upon her dance steps.

Her success in the music industry can be attributed to some seriously savvy marketing. Her first album was launched by Republic Records, and it has been reported that Ariana has collaborated with them for three albums in total. She most recently completed a collaboration with Iggy Azalea. Target and Beats headphones will reap the benefits of her talents as well as she has recently signed on as a spokeswoman for the two companies. This is one girl who is going to have a jam-packed schedule as she continues building her music career.

Some online commentators feel that the the buzz regarding her new album could be because of the association with Max Martin. Martin is considered to be a “pop God.” He spearheaded the success of Britney Spears and brought Taylor Swift to international fame. It is evident from the success of Grande’s first single that this association is paying off for Grande, big time.

Many fans say she has the potential to become a mega pop diva like those who have gone before her. Her first album, Yours Truly pushed her to the same stature, which Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Ashlee Simpson once enjoyed. Her impressive vocal range and command as well as natural talent for singing could make her the next superstar. However, one must not forget that the international pop arena is currently facing a dearth of female singing talents. Grande has arrived at a time when there are fewer female singer present to compete with her than there were previously, so fans expect her meteoric rise in the music industry to continue unhindered.

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