Aspiring Rapper and Manager Shot and Killed in New York on Sunday Night

Aspiring Rapper and Manager Shot and Killed in New York on Sunday Night

Aspiring rapper Francisco Mercedez was shot in New York on Sunday night along with his reported manager and also possible rapper Kenny Jimenez. They were reportedly killed in a drive-by shooting. The night also saw at least five other individuals wounded in numerous other unrelated shootings located elsewhere in the city, stated New York police authorities.

The NYPD think that Mercedez, age 29, and Jimenez, age 21, were both specific targets in the fatal shooting which occurred outside a deli in Hamilton Heights, close to West 151st Street in Harlem. The shooting happened about 3 a.m.

Emergency workers, fire fighters and police discovered Jimenez was dead at the scene. He was found with a bullet lodged inside his neck. Mercedez was shot in the back. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Harlem where he was declared deceased upon his arrival.

Jimenez lived near the scene of the crime and Mercedez resided in the Bronx. Dwellers stated there was rarely any sort of violence like Sunday’s shooting in the neighborhood and so they stated that the two men must have allegedly been targeted. So far the NYPD have made no arrests. The investigation continues.

Mercedez, whose rapper name was Boy Summa Benz, had supposedly just been at a release party for an album in Connecticut before he had come back to New York, exclaimed both eyewitnesses and friends. One person stated that he noticed a white sedan pull up and then gunshots went off.

The witness stated that he and several other individuals dropped to the ground, describing how he and others took cover. When the gunfire had stopped, the witness explained that Jimenez and Mercedez were both found unconscious.

A friend stated that Mercedez’ rap lyrics were all considered to be positive and that Jimenez was his manager. The two of them were working hard to get out of the neighborhood and do it the good way.

The pair were the only two to die in a rash of shootings that ended up injuring people in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, explained the NYPD.

One man was hit in his arm by a bullet about 1:20 a.m., stated police. The unnamed victim was removed from the scene of the crime, which happened at the corner of West 127th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, and rushed to Harlem Hospital. He was listed as being in stable condition.

Three men were shot while they stood on the corner of Brook Avenue and East 137th Street about 3:10 a.m. They all were taken to Lincoln Hospital, where it was reported that they were all anticipated to survive.

There also was one individual who was shot on 118th Avenue, close to 155th Street in South Jamaica about 6 a.m., explained the NYPD. That victim was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and is projected to also make a full recovery.

New York endured a violent Sunday night with at least seven individuals being shot and two dying as a result of their wounds. The two that died were reported to be an aspiring rapper and hjs manager.

By Kimberly Ruble


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