Baby Doll With Real Looking Genitals Causes Outrage

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A baby doll that has real looking genitals has caused outrage in the United Kingdom. Many mothers are angry at the idea of dolls with a penis because it will lead to difficult questions for them to answer. They claim the doll’s parts are “unnecessary.”

However, there is a learning element to the doll. Children will see it and will find out about a part of the body that is not usually on show. Girls will have the chance to find out what makes boys different to them. All parents will need to do is explain that those are the boys parts. There is no real need to even use the correct name for them, although some parents will choose to.

There are reasons on both side of the debate. Some parents will worry that it will lead to the awkward questions too early. However, children develop at different times. Some may not even be phased by the idea of having different parts.

It is really no different to young girls seeing their baby brothers in the bath with them or helping mommy or daddy change diapers. As Monica Beyer from SheKnows correctly points out how is seeing a naked baby inappropriate for children? It can and does happen in real life.

While the baby doll with real looking genitals has caused outrage with many parents, there are some seeing the funny side of things. Some parents have noted that it will help with the learning experience. Other parents have noted that it could be a fun way to reveal the gender of a baby should they find out the sex during pregnancy.

People are constantly finding new ways to do gender reveals. They want them to be exciting and unique. Some people use cakes with blue or pink sponges, while others will opt for clothing and shoes to make their baby’s gender known. The baby doll could be used as expectant parents get family members to change the nappy.

There is nothing sexual about a baby’s genitals. Children need to know the correct names as it will make it harder for children to tell parents when something around there hurts. It is a shame that society today has led to these body parts being over sexualized, causing a problem for youngsters learning.

This is not the first time a baby doll has been on the market with real looking genitals. There have been plenty over the years, with some still available to purchase online.

Some parents have complained because of the lack of warning. Many never realized just what they were buying until their child changed the doll’s diaper. It may have been the shock more than anything that has caused the outrage. Had there been a warning, parents could make an informed decision over whether to buy the doll for their children or not.

There is nothing wrong with dolls having real looking parts. It offers a learning experience for children before they reach school. That way, if something does hurt then they can tell their parents, caregivers and teachers exactly what it is. There is no need for the outrage that the baby doll with real looking genitals has caused.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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