Kelly Rowland Accidentally Reveals Baby’s Gender

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland accidently revealed the gender of her unborn baby in an interview. She was speaking about how her bundle of joy was being spoilt by her family members and then slipped a “him” in there.

Within seconds she realized her mistake, but gracefully accepted that she had let the cat out of the bag. Many other celebrities may have tried to cover up the use of the word “him” as a way to avoid saying “it.” Rowland shared that she was definitely having a boy and then requested that someone tell her husband of her mistake.

Last month there were hints that the Destiny’s Child singer was expecting a baby boy. She had a tiny pair of sneakers next to her husband’s, with the caption “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy.” However, very few picked up on the gender. It was just seen as an announcement that she was expecting her first child.

The photo was shared in the middle of June, and it is possible that the Survivor singer had no idea about the gender at the time. It may just be coincidence that she picked a boy’s pair of trainers next to her husband’s, Tim Witherspoon.

According to the singer, the baby is going to be spoilt. He already has had plenty of clothes and toys bought for him. It was while she was talking about that in the Fox411 interview that Rowland accidentally revealed her baby’s gender.

The singer has been very quiet about her personal life, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. She married Witherspoon in a very quiet ceremony and played coy when it came to announcing the pregnancy. It seems like she wanted to keep the gender a secret from the public eye, although some may have seen the decision to accidentally reveal the gender as a way to gain more attention. After all, talking about a baby is not as big for news as revealing the sex.

She has also been coy about who is giving her advice about being a first-time mom. During the interview, she was asked whether former band mate Beyonce has shared any tips. However, the singer refused to name any names, and hinted that many friends have shared tips and advice with her.

There was much more to discuss about her baby, but the interview was kept short. During it, Rowland did admit that her baby boy seems to have a musical side to him. That is not surprising considering his parents. However, she is going to let him grow up finding his own passions. She will not push him in any direction. While some celebrity parents want their children to follow in their footsteps, many now have shared that they want their children to find their own passions and wants.

E! News also had the chance to speak to the singer about her pregnancy. They spoke about cravings, and it seems like the cravings have been healthy options. Turkey rye with the works seems to be the favorite right now. However, Fox411 definitely got the scoop of the week, especially when Rowland accidentally revealed the gender of her baby.

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