Justin Bieber Was Protecting Selena Gomez During Fight With Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was allegedly protecting his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez during the fight with Orlando Bloom. The fight took place on July 30, and there are still mixed accounts over what took place. Some people have commended Bloom for his actions, seemingly including Leonardo DiCaprio who was at the Spanish restaurant with the star at the time.

However, it seems like Bloom may have thrown the first punch. The Pirate of the Caribbean actor said something about Gomez, and Bieber retaliated. It led to a fight where Bloom threw the first punch. Eye-witness accounts do tell something different to this source who has spoken exclusively to Hollywood Life.

According to the Hollywood Life source, the Baby singer is still in love with his ex-girlfriend and is very protective of her. There was no reason for Bloom to start speaking about her negatively but the 20-year-old was not about to idly stand by and let it happen. He needed to confront the actor about it.

A confrontation like this has been a long time coming. The Lord of the Rings actor has spoken negatively about the Boyfriend singer for many years now. It is clear that the two do not like each other, and it is surprising they have stayed out of each others’ way this long. Was it really surprising that the two got involved in a fight?

Sources that witness the events at the restaurant do not support the idea that Bieber was protecting Gomez during the fight with Bloom. They claim that it was over Miranda Kerr, and any acknowledge that Bloom did throw the first punch. Diners cheered when it happened, but there is no confirmation of where the Canadian singer was hit.

Allegedly, Bieber taunted Bloom about the breakdown of his marriage. The singer had been linked to Kerr in the past, which has been some of the reasons for Bloom’s dislike towards him. There is a possibility that the remarks about Kerr were after remarks about Gomez.

Other celebrities witnessed the events. DiCaprio was at the table with Bloom at the time, and applauded his friends for his actions. He later refused to speak to the singer when leaving the restaurant.

However, some were on the 20-year-old’s side. Lindsay Lohan reportedly went to his defense, and went outside with him to make sure he had calmed down. Paris Hilton and P. Diddy were also there but there is no confirmation of how they reacted after the bust up.

Another theory is that Bloom was speaking negatively about Bieber’s relationship with Gomez. Bloom and Gomez are friends, and the 37-year-old reportedly viewed her relationship with the singer as a way for the Canadian to get a bigger paycheck. This was not something that he liked to hear considering he allegedly still loves his ex-girlfriend.

It seems to be one thing after another for the 20-year-old singer. Recently he has been involved in a string of legal incidents and two racist videos being leaked online. Now, Bieber has been involved in a fight with Bloom, although it was all reportedly so he could protect Gomez.

By Alexandria Ingham


Hollywood Life

The Daily Mirror


2 Responses to "Justin Bieber Was Protecting Selena Gomez During Fight With Orlando Bloom"

  1. MaryDtn9   August 4, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Oh please! As the stomach turns. YAWN.

  2. Team Orlando Bloom   August 1, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Was it Bieber who wrote this article? Not sure he can write though, LOL. Honestly you should be ashamed to write such nonsense, Bieber came to the table where Bloom, Di Caprio and a group of people were having a dinner peacefully and quietly but this punk decided that he could be accepted in their company (probably to make a selfie with Bloom and Di Caprio to post it on his Instagram) but Bloom didn’t want to shake his hand (I wouldn’t either!) and Di Caprio dismissed him. Bieber got mad and decided to behave like a child by insulting and dirty-mouthing people who are way out of his league. Wrong move, kid! Bloom decided to teach the brat some manners but he obviously wasn’t going to hit him hard (otherwise Bieber would be in a hospital) but to shake some sense into this idiot. Bieber run from him but no one can outrun the Elf himself so he got him obviously aiming to slap Bieber’s dirty mouth. Look at his hand on the video an you will see that he didn’t even swing it far and didn’t put much of a strength. Bieber hid behind his bodyguards who took the hit for him and continued to yell the insults. Then security finally did it job in had thrown him out of the restaurant. People in restaurant clapped. Please, stop defending that so-called “singer.” He doesn’t worth a piece of rug on a doorstep to anyone’s house, leave alone Bloom’s. Kudos to Bloom who defended the woman’s honor and behaved as a real decent man should behave.
    I hope that will be the end of Bieber’s “career.” Your kids don’t need such a “role model.”


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