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Weight Watchers members in the United Kingdom are taking part in “healthy selfies” to raise money for Diabetes UK. Anyone can join in, and it sparks similarities to the no makeup selfies that raised awareness and money for Cancer Research at the start of the year.

For those taking part in the new healthy selfies, the aim is to take a selfie just after exercise, showing off amount of pro-points earned on the pedometer or something else that involves being healthy and getting moving. That photo is shared on social media with the hashtag HealthySelfie along with the information for others to donate to Diabetes UK. Weight Watchers UK has all the details of the number to text to donate £1.

Those taking part are recommended to tag the dieting company into the posts. That way more people have the chance to see that they are moving and raising money and awareness for Diabetes UK.

This seems to be much more organized than the no makeup selfies, and there is already some positivity towards the campaign. To start with, people are informed right away of the reason for the campaign and just how it will help raise money and awareness for the charity. Secondly, it is encouraging people to get out moving as well as to donate to charity.

While Weight Watchers members are encouraged to do healthy selfies to raise money for Diabetes UK, anybody can and is encouraged to take part. Getting out and moving more is an important part of weight loss and just to stay healthy overall. It is also an important part to control diabetes and even prevent it from happening.

The healthy selfies are also great for those who have seen their weight loss efforts slow. Weight Watchers members are able to focus on the none scale victories (NSVs), which can include dropping a dress size or feeling fitter and healthier. Some members have already found they can run further or faster, while others do not feel as tired walking up the stairs.

Small things count as exercise, including doing the gardening and house work. People are sharing all sorts of photos, whether they are out on a bike ride and see farm animals or whether they’re just getting ready to do a few sit ups. There is no judgment with these shots as it is all for charity.

This is not the first time the weight loss group has been involved in things for charity. Most years there is a Weight Watchers contingent at the Race for Life, which raises money for cancer charities. Some of the classes choose to do their own charity events. Some classes will host a bake sale full of delicious, low pointed treats, while others host a cycling session. Cycle Rhythm, in New Loughton, had 20 members cycling for the day to raise money for Diabetes UK.

This is just a fun way to raise awareness for a charity that is very rarely in the news. While diabetes is known about, many know the signs to look out for and there is not a cure as of yet; just medications and advice to help handle it. Weight Watchers members are now getting involved in the healthy selfies as a way to raise money and awareness for Diabetes UK.

By Alexandria Ingham


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