Beyonce and Jay-Z Concert Went Awry: Man Bit Off Another Man’s Finger

BeyonceA Beyonce and Jay-Z concert at the Rose Bowl goes awry in Los Angeles, California, after a man allegedly groped a woman and subsequently bit off another man’s finger during an overly aggressive fight. San Diego native Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica, 25, was detained on Saturday after the incident on suspicion of mayhem and sexual battery.

According to Lt. John Luna, Alcaraz-Garnica was charged with groping a young woman in her 20s. After the woman’s boyfriend confronted Alcaraz-Garnica, a fight started. Luna stated during the quarrel the suspect bit off the end of one of the boyfriend’s fingers. The Lieutenant mentioned that the bite caused a severe injury to the victim.

Alcaraz-Garnica was reportedly being held on $100,000 bail, and it is unknown whether he has obtained a lawyer. In addition to Alcaraz-Garnica’s arrest, ten other people were apprehended at the same concert which gathered more than 55,000 attendees.

Although a Beyonce-Jay-Z concert goes awry on Saturday after a man bit off another man’s finger, the terrible event did not seem to faze either performer. A second concert was hosted at the Rose Bowl on Sunday.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Beyonce has had a mishap during one of her shows. The singer has had a string of bad luck herself during many of her performances, but just “brushes it off,” keeps her head up and does not let any negative episodes get her down.

For example, in 2007 Beyonce fell down the stairs during her performance of Ring the Alarm in Orlando, Florida, and joked with her fans while asking them not to upload the video to YouTube. In 2013 while singing Halo in Montreal, Beyonce’s hair got stuck in a fan. Even though crew members had to cut her hair free with scissors, the vocalist continued to amaze the crowd with her voice and never stopped the show.

During the February 2013 Super Bowl, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child were initially blamed for the blackout that transpired immediately after their performance. The truth, however, was that an electrical relay device malfunctioned.

A devoted supporter tested his limits with Beyonce in Copenhagen in May of 2013 by slapping her bottom, almost getting himself kicked out of the building. Queen B was not about to put up with that kind of behavior or anything like it.

In July of 2013, Beyonce scolded one of her followers for filming the singer’s performance of Irreplaceable, instead of singing it with the rest of the audience. She even stated, “You better put that d^*n camera down!”

In September of 2013, Beyonce kneeled down on the side of the stage to get closer to her fans while serenading them with Irreplaceable. One of her followers was so excited that he pulled the singer off the stage and into the crowd. She was then lifted back onstage by her security guards.

The Beyonce-Jay Z On the Run Tour has already obtained headlines for its incredible success, but now the couple is in the media even more due to their Saturday concert that went awry. A man bit off the tip of another man’s finger during a terrible fight that occurred after a woman was sexually assaulted. Hopefully, Beyonce and Jay-Z will be able to perform the rest of their tour seamlessly without any other unfortunate events transpiring.

By Amy Nelson

CBS Sacramento
Huffington Post

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