Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Rumor, Solange Elevator Fight a Publicity Stunt?


Recently, the media has been blowing up about the possibility of a divorce between singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z. But, according to Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father and former manager, the divorce rumors, along with the Solange elevator fight, was a publicity stunt to help boost album and ticket sales for their combined tour. The powerful celebrity musician couple really is aiming to “Run the World.”

Knowles disclosed the juicy details about his daughter and Jay-Z’s supposed marital troubles on the Rouba and Ryan 104.1 KRBE Houston radio show earlier in the week. He said that the rumors about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s divorce helped to “ignite the tour,” and called the publicity stunt a “Jedi mind trick.” The radio hosts inquired about Knowles’ prior comments to Radar, and asked whether the viral video of Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s younger sister, Solange’s, elevator brawl was also to promote their ticket sales and current tour. He stated again it is all a “Jedi mind trick” and that since the fight, Solange’s album sales increased by 200 percent.

The video showed Solange violently attacking Jay-Z in an elevator while Beyonce just stood next to her husband and watched. The incident occurred after the three of them had just attended the Met Gala party at the Standard Hotel. Since the video leaked online, people began speculating that Jay-Z had cheated on Beyonce and that was the reason for Solange’s outburst. Months later, the media continued to assume that the famous couple’s love life was on rocky ground, even during their joint “On The Run” tour.

According to Matthew Knowles, encouraging divorce rumors between Beyonce and Jay-Z and allowing the media to run with their reasons behind Solange’s elevator fight with her brother-in-law may have been what the couple needed to spark more interest in their live performances. This could have been the publicity stunt that both Beyonce and Jay-Z were looking for to accomplish a sold-out tour. Supposedly, adding friction between the two superstars has persuaded their fans to watch them on tour together just in case this will be the end of the duo’s marriage.

The former Destiny’s Child manager also hinted at a possible reunion with the group within the next year. Matthew Knowles continued by saying how many people are unaware that he is still the manager of Destiny’s Child, and that they have been slowly performing songs together with a long-term purpose in mind.

Whether Matthew Knowles’ publicity claims have any merit at this point is difficult to tell. Beyonce did fire him as her manager in 2011, not too long after her mother filed for divorce, citing his infidelity. Perhaps Beyonce’s father is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

As of right now, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange have yet to publicly discuss the reasons behind the elevator scuffle and have been keeping quiet about the incident. However, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s open display of affection for each other on the MTV Video Music Awards has led many people to believe that their divorce rumors, along with the Solange elevator fight, were both staged publicity stunts to help all three parties gain fame and money.

By Amy Nelson


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2 Responses to "Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Rumor, Solange Elevator Fight a Publicity Stunt?"

  1. Lynn lee   September 3, 2014 at 1:04 am

    Too bad you believe stupid rumors! Their quality if music is why they’re billionaires! Don’t believe the hype!

  2. jp   September 2, 2014 at 10:34 am

    It’s too bad they couldn’t have a sold out tour based on… You know… The quality of their music.


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