Britain Abolishes Tax Disc After 93 Years


Britain has abolished the tax disc after 93 years, but many drivers do not realize. While car tax will be applicable, everything will be handled online and there will no longer be a need to display a disc in the car window. Most checks are already completed online, so it will make it quicker and easier for police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to check if people are on the roads legally.

Tax discs were originally placed in the cars in 1921. People would need to pay for a yearly or six monthly disc and display it from the first of the month that it was valid from. According to reports, 800,000 people were caught on a yearly basis for driving without tax, which goes towards the upkeep of the roads, signs and other vehicle needs.

Paying on a yearly basis was the cheaper option, with those paying every six months spending an extra 10 percent. This is expected to reduce to five percent as a new monthly option is being introduced. This will also expect to cost an extra five percent compared to the annual option.

Direct debit payments will be offered for the first time. It is expected that this will make it easier for drivers and will meant they are more likely to have road-worthy and legal vehicles. Direct debits will only be taken out if there is a valid Ministry of Transport (MOT) test on the vehicle. This ensures that the car is road-worthy and safe. The direct debt can be paid monthly, six monthly or yearly.

Britain will abolish the tax disc after 93 years from October 2014. Some drivers have complained that this causes problems for those buying new cars in September. They will need to pay for a full year of tax and have a disc for just one month. It is a waste of paper, time and hassle. It would have made more sense for the changes to happen a month earlier.

It will bring a change to buying second-hand vehicles from October. Currently, the tax can be transferred to the new owner without filling out new paperwork for it. However, drivers in Britain will no longer be able to do this. The original owner will need to apply for a refund for the number of full months left on the vehicle. The new owner will need to pay for the tax from the first day of owning the vehicle.

The idea of this is to prevent drivers unknowingly driving without tax. As the system will all be online, a seller could fabricate the number of months left on the vehicle to improve the sale price. By making the buyer have to pay for the tax right away, he or she knows the exact amount left on it from the start.

Some people are worried about the changes to the tax disc laws. They are also disappointed that the paper disc will no longer be placed in the vehicle. There is a sentimental feeling of upset and disappointment knowing that Britain will abolish the tax disc after 93 years.

By Alexandria Ingham



The Daily Mirror


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