Volunteering a Global Worthy Cause and Life Experience [Video]


Anyone with time to spare between studies, or prior to actively looking for work, can look at volunteering on a global scale as a worthy cause and a great life experience.

Volunteering in foreign lands is also a great way to travel the world and see places that normally would be out of reach to the average person. Whether involved in teaching English to the locals, working in childcare or the medical field, a lot of great experience is gained in the process. The following are just a few locations worth consideration.

Africa is wide open for those wishing to volunteer in various fields and Tanzania is one of the best and most beautiful countries to choose. This beautiful country, with the marvelous and usually snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop, is great to visit at any time. As a volunteer, however, it is far more rewarding.

Despite being a popular tourist and adventure destination, this country is still incredibly poor and there is much work to do in the schools, hospitals and childcare facilities of Tanzania. Volunteers live like a local in an African village and become immersed in the daily life of those surrounding them. While helping in various fields, there is also loads of fun to be had, meeting up with other volunteers for some great social life or heading out for a major safari in the bush.

Digging for sea turtle eggs

Africa is great, but thinking on a global scale, heading down to South America, Costa Rica is also an incredible location for volunteering, both as a worthy cause and a great life experience.

While again a popular destination for tourists, certain aspects of the incredibly diverse wildlife are in constant danger. In this country it is possible to volunteer in the remote communities, assisting and educating the people about the need to conserve the wildlife sharing their surroundings.

In this area of the world, the population of the leatherback sea turtle has declined by over 90 percent since 1980. The problem is that the female turtles dig holes in the beach and lay approximately 80 eggs each breeding season. Poor residents in the area then harvest these precious eggs in order to make money for a living and should this continue this amazing creature, mainly found only in Costa Rica, will soon become extinct.

As one of the many projects available in this country, volunteers can live in the wild coastal areas of Costa Rica and actively protect both the adult and baby turtles from extinction. This gives an incredible experience of both beach fun and mixing with the friendly local community, all the while teaching the children to look after their beaches and their inhabitants.

China is another great destination for volunteers, offering many exciting projects. This vast country is developing fast and becoming more of a tourist attraction every year. This makes it important for the locals to be able to communicate with visitors. Volunteers can teach English in Beijing with the added bonus of possibly learning Mandarin in the process.

In every case, accommodation, meals and a monthly bonus are provided and every stint of volunteering is rewarded with the opportunity of seeing more of the chosen country before heading for home. For anyone wishing for a great life experience in a worthy cause, volunteering on a global scale is available to everyone.

By Anne Sewell



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