Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Back Together?

Chris Brown and on-again-off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran appear to be on again. The two were spotted in extremely close company at a Los Angeles charity football game that took place on Saturday.

The two’s seemingly rekindled romance comes somewhat as a surprise to many, as it was only a few weeks ago that Tran had reportedly broken things off with the R&B superstar for good, going so far as to change her cell phone number in order to maintain the distance between them. The reason surrounding this most recent breakup was reportedly to do with what Tran saw as Brown’s never-ending with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Sources close to Tran state that she was extremely upset after Brown liked two of Rihanna’s Instagram pictures containing the two of them together. Upon seeing this, Tran decided that the singer was clearly still not over his relationship with the Barbados chart-topper, and decided to cut all ties for good. She also reportedly felt Brown was extremely immature and acted like a child, constantly choosing to engage in partying rather than focusing on his music career, a move she believes is ruining his life. In response to the breakup, Brown took a trip to St. Tropez and brought along one of Tran’s close friends. He made sure the two were photographed together, ensuring that his ex-girlfriend would come across pictures of the event. It was upon learning of this move that Tran chose to change her phone number rather than retaliating in any way.

Sources close to the award-winning singer recall a different version of events. They say that contrary to what Tran is telling people, he was the one who initiated the breakup. In addition to denying Tran’s aforementioned claims that Brown was childish and obsessed with Rihanna, the sources went on to say that Brown wanted out of the relationship because he felt he was being used in order for Tran to advance her own career. He was reportedly furious when Tran discussed their relationship while doing interviews for her clothing line, in what he felt was an attempt to push sales. In addition to this, Brown’s people also claim that Tran was being unfaithful, texting and sending photographs to other men.

All problems seemed to be forgotten when the two joined each other at the football game, however. Photographs of the event show the two in each other’s arms, smiling and laughing as if there had never been any bad blood between them.  The two also left the event together, with Brown being openly affectionate towards Tran. Following the event, Brown took to Instagram to post a picture of the two. Earlier this week, Brown posted and then almost instantly deleted a picture of a bikini-clad Tran for “Woman Crush Wednesday.” A source close to Tran stated that she was uncomfortable with the picture and requested its removal, due to the fact that she wanted to make sure Brown was in the relationship for real this time and not just playing around with her emotions.

It is unclear whether or not Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are back together for good this time. However, the two seem to be making an attempt to amend their problems and move on.

by Rebecca Grace

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