Crime News: GLV Daily Digest for August 21, 2014


The crime news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 21, 2014, includes reports on the search for the couple in California who uploaded a selfie on a stolen iPhone to the burglary victim’s cloud storage account, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s order to withdraw the National Guard from Ferguson, a guilty plea from the Purdue University shooter, the ruling by the Connecticut medical examiner that the death of a young boy left inside his father’s car on a hot day was a homicide and the sentencing of a Utah woman who helped to dispose of her babysitter’s body after she overdosed following a night of drugs and sex with the woman and her husband.

CrimeCalifornia Police Find Stolen iPhone Selfie Couple

Investigators in Los Angeles have found the man and woman whose selfie appeared on the cloud storage account of a Santa Clarita woman whose home had been recently burglarized. The thieves ransacked the woman’s home after entering through a window, making off with cash and her cell phone. The selfie was uploaded to the cloud account of the victim after the burglary of July 30. The woman whose home was broken into said she did not know the man or the woman in the photograph.

The man came forward on Thursday to say that his aunt had purchased two iPhones at a swap meet for $80.00 and did not know they had been stolen. Larry Beltran, Jr., came forward after seeing the photo of himself and his girlfriend on multiple media platforms. Police have not identified his girlfriend and are not releasing any further information on the crime investigation at this point.

CrimeGovernor Orders National Guard to Begin Withdrawal From Ferguson

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has ordered the National Guard to begin a methodical withdrawal from the city of Ferguson. The Guard was ordered into Ferguson on August 18 by Governor Nixon to assist in controlling the violence and looting that broke out after the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, by Ferguson police. Brown was killed in the encounter. The order to withdraw the troops from Ferguson is a result of a slow waning of the violence in the city, but the civil unrest could be renewed in force as the case develops and announcements are made over whether the officers involved will be charged with a crime in Brown’s death.

CrimePurdue University Shooter Pleads Guilty to Murder

The man arrested for a Jan. 21 shooting in a Purdue University classroom has pleaded guilty to murder. Cody Cousins, 24, made the plea today during a court hearing in Lafayette, Ind. Cousins, originally from Warsaw, Ind., has been held in jail without bond since shortly after he shot Andrew Boldt, 21, from West Bend, Wis. The Lafayette Journal Courier is reporting that Cousins also admitted in court that he intended to kill Boldt when he entered the class that day. His guilty plea means that he could face a prison sentence of 45 to 65 years. Although Cousins has said that he suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, his guilty plea means that he will not be able to use an insanity defense for the crime, but rather will receive psychological treatment while behind bars.

CrimeDeath of 15-Month-Old in Hot Car Ruled a Homicide

The death of 15-month-old Benjamin Seitz has been ruled a homicide following an investigation of six weeks by the Connecticut medical examiner. Benjamin had been left in his father’s car for hours and succumbed to hyperthermia. Ridgefield police were called to Danbury Hospital on Jul. 7 after Benjamin’s father, Kyle Seitz, took him there, saying that he had forgotten to drop his son at daycare and had gone to work, leaving Benjamin in the car on a day when the outside temperature hit 88 degrees. After the death of their son, Kyle Seitz and his wife created a website and blog in Benjamin’s memory to help raise awareness of the issue of children being left alone in cars in hot weather. Lindsey Rogers-Seitz wrote on her blog that she would not comment on any speculation regarding the cause of or who bears responsibility for the death of her son.

CrimeBabysitter Death Gets Mom Five Years in Prison

A 41-year-old woman has been sentenced to as many as five years in prison for assisting her husband in the disposal of her babysitter’s body. Alexis Rasmussen, 16, died of an overdose in 2011 after Dea Millerburg and her husband paid her for babysitting in drugs. The girl suffered an overdose after spending the night with the couple doing drugs and having sex. Judge W. Brent West said that had Millerburg not taken a deal in exchange for testifying against her husband, her sentence would have been much harsher. Millerburg testified in court that her husband injected Rasmussen with methamphetamine and heroin before she died, testimony which caused him to put out a hit on Millerburg. Eric Millerburg was give a sentence of up to life behind bars.

Prosecutors believe that on the night that Rasmussen died, Dea Millerburg helped load Rasmussen’s body into the family car. The Millerburgs placed their baby in the car, left their other child, 6, at home and dumped the babysitter’s body in a wooded area, where it was discovered by police over a month later.

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