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Mike Slater Puts Bizarre Twist on The Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]


Mike Slater Puts Bizarre Twist on Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]

Mike Slater, radio talk show host of KFMB in San Diego, has put a bizarre twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge. He has taken the challenge to a new level with much thought, but with possible dangerous consequences. The conservative radio host has done things a new way, following the publicity of the recent ice bucket challenge that has been sweeping the nation in support of ALS.

Rising to a new level within the challenge and actually creating a new variation, Slater has given new meaning to the phrase soup to nuts. His challenge was based on the original idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge which has been gaining awareness and donations for the cause of ALS of late. Going above the temperature of his comfort zone, Slater seems a bit nutty in his own approach. Taking a hot bath in boiling chicken noodle soup is surely a bizarre twist on the ice bucket challenge.

Still, the ice bucket challenge continues with numerous social media stunts, copycats and monkey-see monkey-do videos. Slater stands out in the crowd of thousands, promoting a similar, but much different message with a bizarre twist.

Bringing awareness to a cause sometimes requires a dire action, as Slater has demonstrated with his bizarre twist on the ice bucket challenge. The young radio host is devoted to country and responsibility, but puts all fears aside while challenging himself and others to a task beyond the icy water.

Shown in his social media video, Slater is in front of a big pot of chicken noodle soup, as indicated by several cans on his counter. There is a flame under the pot which leads one to believe that the soup will be very hot, if not boiling.

The reason for his diversion of the ice bucket challenge is to bring awareness to the political scene in a bizarre way. Using the same tactics and talking points as most of the regular ice bucket challenges, his routine is carried out with diligence. In commentary and through e-mails, Slater is said to be bringing more awareness to the recent events of the Islamic terror group, ISIS and the beheading of journalist James Foley.

As Slater brings awareness to the cause he is passionate about, it puts possible copycats at risk. Actually dumping a hot pot of soup could be a careless way to support a cause. Slater is shown in his video heating up the pot of soup, as he then carries it outside with towels to a nearby beach and nominates the usual three people. In this instance, Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow and Michael Moore will be counted on to continue the challenge.

Assuming that the pot of soup is very hot, but with no apparent steam, Slater proceeds to dump it on himself in a bizarre twist from the ice bucket challenge. Yelling out with usual ahhs and oohs, Slater accomplishes his feat with hopes of more attention to his political agenda.

Slater is founder of his own Slater Crusaders, standing for demonstrating personal responsibility in our lives, dedicated to San Diego and California as a better place to live and devoted to the greatest country in the world, the U.S. He hosts his own daily radio show, The Mike Slater Show and also is a regular weekend installment on the Glenn Beck program on weekends.

Being a brave soul, one to speak out against the grain, Slater has given the ice bucket challenge a bizarre twist with his hot soup challenge. Although a different mode of expression, the same challenge is to be cautioned if repeated. Skins burns from hot soup can be much more shocking and dangerous than the cold water and ice being used in the regular challenges.

Even though Charlie Sheen has been criticized for using cold, hard cash in his challenge, it was not a danger like the hot soup challenge could be. The bizarre twist used by Slater has spoken volumes when it comes to real harshness and trauma endured by victims of ISIS. Still, around the world, everyday people suffer the effects of the dreaded disease, ALS and are benefitting from the increase of donations through the ice bucket challenge.

Doing the stunt needs to also include actually giving to the cause. While many videos and variations of the ice bucket challenge have been posted to social media, an address of destination may still be needed. Donations of any amount will be accepted and appreciated and should be addressed to: The ALS Association, 1275 K Street N.W. Suite # 250, Washington, D.C. 20005.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon

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