Donald Glover to Portray Spider-Man


After an online campaign failed to get Donald Glover to play Spider-Man in the new movie franchise reboot, the actor will finally portray the super hero on the small screen. Within the new season of the Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD, Glover will get to voice the character that he himself influenced.

When it was announced that Sony Pictures had plans to reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise, many fans started an online campaign for actor Donald Glover to star in the new movie. Many supporters noted Glover’s portrayal of Troy on the TV show Community as an example of how a humorous jock would be a great fit for a different spin on Spider-Man. Glover himself took notice of the online talk and posted links of what fans were saying on his personal blog. During his Weirdo stand-up comedy special, Glover talks about how he would have loved to play Spider-Man and had hoped that the online talk would result in him playing the super hero.

When Sony Pictures announced the final plans for the Spider-Man movie franchise reboot, Donald Glover was not attached. However, the online petitioning changed Spider-Man in a different way. In a time when Marvel and DC were looking to shake up their comic properties, there was talk of a Spider-Man reboot within the pages of the ongoing comics. What resulted was an alternate universe where Peter Parker dies and a new hero becomes Spider-Man. Miles Morales, a bi-racial teenager, is bitten by a scientifically enhanced spider and becomes the new Spider-Man.

The look of Miles Morales owes a lot to Glover. As an inside joke, the Season 2 opener of Community shows Glover’s character Troy getting out of bed wearing Spider-Man pajamas. The writer behind the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series, Brian Michael Bendis, credits that scene as the inspiration to the new Spider-Man character. Bendis has said that he felt Glover looked fantastic in the costumed pajamas and started writing the series with that image in mind.

Although Donald Glover did not get the chance to play Spider-Man on the big screen, he will portray the super hero on the smaller screen when he voices the alternate version on the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Heroes. In an upcoming storyline, Peter Parker will visit different universes and meet various versions of Spider-Man. One version he will come in contact with is Miles Morales.

The preview of the scene between Miles Morales and Peter Parker showed Morales coming to terms with having to tell Parker that he is dead in the alternate universe. The preview shows Parker meeting Spider-Man and thinking that the man behind is his older self, but Morales reveals himself and Parker is a bit shocked. The preview ends right as it looks that Morales might tell Parker of his fate.

The choice for Glover to voice Morales is a welcome surprise for fans that read the comic books and have noticed the influence the actor has had on the character. Bendis has noted that since the character is based on Glover, the voice is a perfect match. The voice work may be the only time Glover is linked to Spider-Man, yet the actor is keeping his hopes up that it could lead to future projects.

The new season of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Heroes starts this Sunday at 9am on Disney XD. Fans will be able to tune in and finally get a sense of Donald Glover portraying Spider-Man just as they wanted years ago.

By Raul Hernandez


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