Donald Glover to Return to Community?


Donald Glover’s departure from the NBC’s on-and-off hit show Community was abrupt and left many fans puzzled as to why he chose not to return. Following the unknown future of the show, Glover took on the musical persona Childish Gambino and pursued a successful music career. Mostly well-known through blogs and free mix tapes, Gambino’s debut project Camp went on to perform moderately well and spawned two singles – Heartbeat and Bonfire. Maintaining both his acting career and music persona, Glover remained on Community until the release of his sophomore album Because the Internet. Glover insists that it was not his love for music that made him leave the show, but it is creator Dan Harmon that wants the actor-turned-rapper back on Community.

In a recent interview at San Diego Comic Con, Harmon sat down to speak candidly about the future of the show and his desire to bring Glover back. Remaining his usual sarcastic and satirical self, Harmon mentioned the changes in the upcoming final season and his indirect fondness of NBC’s decision to let the show go. One thing that fans can look forward to is the unused references to the Bing search engine. Since the show has been taken over by Yahoo!, no longer will the characters have to forcefully and shamelessly plug  the Microsoft search engine. Harmon went on to also describe his need to have Glover return to the show, at least for a couple of episodes.

Harmon stated that he wanted Glover’s character Troy Barnes to appear on the show by any means necessary. Whatever pay, whatever terms, Harmon claims that he pleaded with Yahoo to bring Glover back for the final season. Though there has not been word from Glover on his long-awaited return to the show, Harmon also stated that he and Glover have been messaging back and forth. Thanks to Glover’s busy schedule, the two have yet to set a time to meet or discuss Glover’s appearance on Community any further.

While on a promo tour for his sophomore release, Glover stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and further went into detail about his choosing to leave the show. Among claiming that his focus was also on music, Glover admitted that was not the sole reason that he left the show. Glover stated that his heart was no longer into Community and that he was tired of working for someone else. Upon leaving the show, Gambino went on to drop a successful second album and, currently, is in the process of working  on a new show on FX.

Fans will still have to wait patiently for Donald Glover’s return to NBC’s Community. Between schedule issues, his heart not being into it and Glover’s music-themed series, Glover’s involvement in future episodes is still an unforeseen event. Ironically it seems like the character of Troy Barnes is more similar to Childish Gambino’s persona. Similar to Barnes, Glover decided to escape the pressures of the show and working under someone else to pursue a career that was more of his passion. With Dan Harmon and Troy Barnes fans pleading for Glover’s return, only time will tell if the young actor, writer and rapper will reprise his role.

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