Elizabeth Vargas Back in Rehab for Alcoholism

Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas is back in rehab for alcoholism, according to ABC News. It has been a difficult decision, but a responsible one. Many view admitting there is a problem as a failure, but it shows strength to admit that they need professional help. It helps to avoid breakdowns in relationships and possible deaths due to the problem.

However, the ABC News reporter has spoken out about her decision, and how disappointed she is in herself. She is ashamed for letting herself, her family and her co-workers down. However, she is thankful for all the support that she has received for this. The network supports Vargas’ decision, and has stated that there will be a position available for her when she feels she is ready to return.

The 20/20 co-anchor will remain in a so far undisclosed inpatient facility. While it is voluntary, the length of stay has not yet been determined. It will depend on herself and how well the treatment works for her. There is hope that she will remain in rehab as long as she needs this time, rather than checking herself out.

This is not the first time the anchorwoman has been treated for alcohol dependency. She went through rehab in 2013, but left in November. It was thought that she had all the tools she needed to beat the dependency and had now officially admitted that she was an alcoholic. It is not clear that she had not quite dealt with everything. Vargas is now back in rehab for her alcoholism.

The 51-year-old has spoken about her past during interviews. In one, she admitted that her drinking was a way to deal with her anxiety as a child. Anxiety led to stress, and she needed a coping mechanism. Unfortunately, it was not a healthy mechanism.

An accident that happened to her husband Marc Cohn would not have helped her anxiety or stress. In 2005 he was shot in the head. While he survived, the family spoke about the psychological problems that would continue after the physical damage had healed.

It was her husband who confronted her about her alcoholism. He was the only person who knew, so the only person who could help her take the initial steps that she needed. Like anyone struggling with addiction, she was angry that he would talk to her about this but she did know that he was right. It was only after that that she took the steps to seek help for her dependency.

The only reason she avoided help before this was because it meant admitting that there was a problem. The 51-year-old worried about being viewed as a failure. However, it could have led to so many other problems. Getting the help was the best decision she could have made. She now sees it as an illness, and an illness that she can treat.

It just need continuous treatment to make sure she does not fall back to drinking. This is something that happened, and it has meant that Vargas needs to go back to rehab for her alcoholism.

By Alexandria Ingham


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