Pharmaceutical Industry Blamed for Robin Williams’ Death

Robin Williams

Rob Schneider has blamed the pharmaceutical industry for Robin Williams’ death. He claims that the drugs for Parkinson’s disease has the risk of suicide, especially for those with depression. He also claims that the industry is the reason for so many Americans killing themselves on a yearly basis. It is time for more to be done to help people with conditions and mental illnesses.

The news comes just days after Williams’ wife admitted that the star was in the first stages of Parkinson’s disease. Shortly after that news, many reported on the link between depression and the disease that affects the whole nervous system. There is the thought that a patient will be left relying on others, and it can also affect the chemical levels in the brain. When working together, those already with depression can suffer a severe relapse. Even those with a previous positive outlook can end up with negative thoughts and mild depression.

Schneider tweeted that the Aladdin star was on a drug to help treat his Parkinson’s disease. It was designed by the pharmaceutical industry, and allegedly has a side effect of suicide. There is no confirmation of where he got this information from but is certain that it was the industry’s fault.

A number of friends close to the late actor agree with him. He was reportedly on a number of various medications after leaving rehab, and was also dealing with the news that his TV show The Crazy Ones had been cancelled. He did not commit suicide just because of his depression, and friends believe that the pharmaceutical industry should be blamed for Williams’ death.

Many are searching for answers, including the family of the 63-year-old actor. Daughter Zelda released a statement shortly after the news of his death admitting that she did not understand his reasons for leaving the world. However, unlike some others, she refused to call him selfish. She understood that he was suffering from a mental illness and somewhere in his treatment he had been let down.

The Patch Adams star was found dead in his home last Monday. After his wife’s statement about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, many shared their shock and condolences. Michael J. Fox, another Parkinson’s sufferer, tweeted his shock but was extremely proud to know the man. Williams spent his life making others laugh and always stood up for his beliefs. He would regularly go out of his way to put a smile on others’ faces, even though he may not have felt that way deep down.

Friends continue to blame the pharmaceutical industry. They blame the cocktail of medications he was on to help treat his Parkinson’s diagnoses and his depression. The depression and anxiety was nothing new, so they do not believe that that was his reason for suicide. One source, who has remained anonymous, admitted that suicidal thoughts are a side effect listed on most of the medications the actor had been placed on. This would support the view of friends close to the star that the pharmaceutical industry is to blame for Williams’ death.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Patsy Creasy   August 20, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Better no what doctors are giveing you.Because all they say take this it will help every thing.Right .

  2. infamouscrimes   August 18, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Absolutely, as well the deaths of millions of non-famous victims. Never trust an MD and never trust a Pharma poison pill.


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