Emma Stone Is Coming to Broadway

Emma Stone Broadway

Emma Stone Broadway

Emma Stone, who has been skyrocketing her career the past couple of years with big movies like The Amazing Spider-man 2 and Birdman, is now officially coming to Broadaway. Most people remember her as the cute young redhead in Superbad, playing Jonah Hill’s high school crush. Others remember Stone in Easy A, a modern day spin-off of the Scarlet Letter.

Although everyone has known of Stone for quite some time, not many people could have guessed she would be taking her acting career to the well known Broadway stage. Stone’s career has been blowing up recently with her taking over Kirsten Dunst’s old role of Mary Jane in last summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the kiss she shares with one of America’s favorites, Edward Norton in the new film Birdman.

Now that Stone is coming to Broadway, she is not going to be just playing in a show that most people, other than theater students, have not heard of. Stone is set to be playing Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of Cabaret. The most recent Sally Bowles was played by Michelle Williams, though now that her run on Broadway is coming to an end, Stone is stepping in with a bang.

According to USA Today, Stone was considered for the part of Sally Bowles in Broadway’s Cabaret before Williams was ever cast. Stone is set to begin her Broadway debut on November 11, just two days after Williams’  last day in the show. Stars before Williams and Stone in the part of Sally Bowles include Jill Haworth, the original Sally, Natasha Richardson, who won the Tony Award for her role and the much loved daughter of Judy Garland, Liza Minelli.

Minelli, who now appears in cameos when she is off the stage, starred in the film adaptation of Cabaret. Known for her full loud voice, Minelli amazed audiences in the movie version of Cabaret in 1972. Even those who have seen Cabaret onstage picture Minelli as Sally when they think of the popular show.

Not only is Stone taking over the part of Sally Bowles until February 1, but her face and new haircut recently graced the covers of Vogue magazine. It is now official, this year has been very generous to the young actress. Although she has been given this amazing opportunity to play Sally Bowles on Broadway, Stone will have a lot of expectations to live up to in comparison to the amazing Minelli.

Now, the show has been extended to run until March, with Stone playing in it until February, giving fans an extended opportunity to catch the classic Cabaret. The character of Sally Bowles is sassy, stubborn and emotional. On top of doing more than just playing the cute, awkwardly funny character she usually plays, Stone will also have to work on her vocals for the show.

It is no news that America will be anxiously waiting for Stone to show off her talents on the Broadway stage. With a lot to live up to, in comparison to the Sally Bowles that came before her (including Minelli who played the part before Stone was even born), this show will make or break Stone. It is only a matter of time before the first review hits the internet, and the world will find out if she can actually play the difficult character of Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

By Monica de Lartigue


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