Face Off Animal Attraction (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

Face Off Animal Attraction (Recap and Review)

In this week’s episode of Face Off, titled Animal Attraction, the 11 remaining contestants had to stick with the theme of nature and had to combine two different animal species to come up with a new “hybrid” creature. This spotlight challenge proved problematic for many of the makeup hopefuls who want to win this competition.

Quite a few had to leave their comfort zone and many had never worked with fur or feathers before the competition. Whether it was the pressure of working in mediums that they were unfamiliar with or the fact that the number of contestants is dwindling, all of the remaining 11 were stressed.

Although it has to be said that George still got a lot of enjoyment from testing his bodysuit. Keaghlan also managed to keep that impressive calm going till the very end when the judges explained why her creation did not work in this challenge. Ms. Ashley did look worried for the first time on Face Off in this season and it was disconcerting to say the least.

Stella had real issues with her animal hybrid which was a combination of kinkajou and wildcat. Displeased with her results she re-started from scratch on day one. Sasha’s lack of confidence causes her to worry too much about her creature. Doc has moulding problems which puts him behind the power curve.

All of the competitors are working with materials they normally have little to no contact with. Like the other episodes in season seven this week’s Face Off, Animal Attraction, features that same sense of camaraderie and sharing of information between the contestants.

On day two, Drew is very concerned with his mould and Keaghlan seems pretty pleased with the direction of her creature. When Drew breaks open his mould, he finds that everything has turned out fine despite his worry.

Doc is still running behind when the models come in to be fitted with their outfits and makeup. George’s model is allergic to the preferred glue for the facial prosthetic and he is concerned that his creation’s face could slide right off and land in the floor.

Damien was very pleased with the way his costume looked on his model. Sasha was upset and worried that she did not develop a “bottom half” for her creature. She was afraid that her leggings and lack of preparation would cost her dearly on this week’s Face Off.

One hour from judging and Stella was very stressed. Disaster struck when she ran out of paint during the last minute prep and Stella was convinced that she would be voted off this week.

The three judges, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page and Lois Burwell (who is easily the nicest of the three, “Hello chaps,”) took their usual close look at the creatures. This week they were not overly impressed with many of the characters they inspected.

As usual, there were contestants who were “safe” from being voted off and surprisingly Keaghlan Ashley was not one of them. As the three judges conferred, the four remaining contestants looked worried.

At the end of the episode, one of the hopefuls had to be sent home and Doc, with his slow beginning, was the loser this week. All of the contestants felt the pressure with this challenge and even McKenzie Westmore’s kindly, and compassionate, demeanor did not help the nervous contestants. Next week’s episode is titled Wizard of Wonderland and hopefully the pressure of adhering to nature will be alleviated considerably.

By Michael Smith




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