Former American Idol Contestant Possible Suicide Attempt Thwarted

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Former American Idol contestant Josh Gracin’s possible suicide attempt was thwarted by police officials late Thursday evening. The authorities in question managed to prevent the man from making any life altering decisions before it was too late, resulting in him being placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Gracin took to Facebook to post a cryptic note that alluded to a possible suicidal mentality, causing friends and neighbors to scramble in an attempt to help the former U.S. Marine before he committed an act that was irreversible. The post seemed to be targeted towards his wife of 17 years, and in it Gracin acknowledges the mistakes he feels he has made in the past, as well as his feelings that his wife was not there for him and turned her back on him when he needed her most. The American Idol alum went on to express his hope that he would be remembered as someone who gave everything to his music, and asked his friends and followers to pray for his family as they continued on without him. The post in question has since been deleted from the singer’s Facebook page.

When authorities arrived at Gracin’s house, his wife was present but the singer himself was nowhere to be found. Authorities then managed to reach the former American Idol favorite by telephone, proceeding to hand the call over to his wife. Upon conversing with the woman for an undisclosed amount of time, Gracin informed her he was returning home shortly. Upon his return to his home, the awaiting authorities placed Gracin under the aforementioned 5150 hold which, under the California Welfare and Institutions Code, allows a qualified officer to involuntarily confine a person who appears to have a mental disorder or the like that could possibly be a danger to themselves or those around them. Gracin reportedly drove himself to the hospital with a police escort behind him and was extremely cooperative during the proceedings. After speaking to his family, the singer was evaluated by doctors and reportedly sent back home to his family a short while later.

Gracin placed fourth in the second season of the hit singing competition, after having won over millions of fans with his wholesome country persona and soulful voice. He was still an active member of the Marine Corps during his run on the show, and thus had to miss appearing in the season’s finale due to prior military commitments. Following his honorary discharge several months later, Gracin released his self-titled debut album in 2004, a record that was certified gold by the RIAA. The single Nothin’ To Lose skyrocketed to number one, followed up by an additional two singles in the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. His follow-up album, We Weren’t Crazy, released four years later, earned Gracin five more chart-topping singles. He has four children with wife Ann Marie; three daughters and a son, born between 2002 and 2008.

More details have yet to emerge surrounding Josh Gracin’s possible suicide attempt. However, the former American Idol contestant appears to be safe and in stable condition for the time being.

by Rebecca Grace

Daily Mail
USA Today

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