Frances Cobain Lends Support to Zelda Williams

Frances Cobain has lent her support to Zelda Williams, daughter of the recently deceased Robin Williams. The 21-year-old daughter of late Rock & Roll legend Kurt Cobain took to Twitter to share her heartfelt message.

In a short tweet posted shortly after word of the comedian’s death spread, Cobain assured Zelda that she would be there for her no matter what, and reiterated her love for the 25-year-old. The tweet was in response to the now famous tribute Zelda posted to her father shortly following his death, a quote from Antoine De-Saint Exupery’s book The Little Prince. The tweet in question, which began to sweep the internet seconds after it was posted, detailed both Zelda’s sorrow at the loss of her father as well as her gratitude that she was able to share what time she could with him during his life.

Cobain is certainly no stranger to coping with the loss of a parent by suicide. Shortly before her second birthday, her father took his own life by way of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The lead singer of world-famous grunge band Nirvana had struggled heavily with depression and heroin addiction. The latter struggle reportedly began after the singer suffered constant unbearable pain due to an undiagnosed stomach condition, and thus began to turn to drugs for relief. Before he died, he gave the statement that his addiction was no one’s fault but his own, as he himself made the conscious choice to use heroin as a pain medication. A suicide note was left, detailing his inability to cope with living inside his world any longer. In the note, he made references to Cobain, expressing his adoration for her as well as his fear that she may someday turn out like him. As well as his daughter, the singer was survived by his wife Courtney, then lead singer of popular alternative rock band Hole.

Much like the aftermath of Williams’ death, there too was an outpouring of grief and sorrow following the death of Cobain’s father. Fans of the singer’s music, as well the public as a whole, were shocked and devastated to hear of his passing. His close friends and family were less surprised by the news, stating that he had shown signs of depression and instability even before he reached stardom. April 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of his death, an event that is still mourned by millions.

Williams passed away on August 11 apparently due to suicide by asphyxiation. His death dealt the world an enormous shock, with tributes beginning to pour out to the actor just hours after the fact. Those who had worked with him, met him, and even those who merely grew up turning to the actor’s movies for comfort and entertainment were devastated. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Russell Brand, and even United States President Barack Obama have taken to social media to share their memories and reflections on the late comedian.

Zelda Williams has yet to respond to Frances Cobain’s outreach of support. However, Cobain has made it clear that she will be there whenever she is needed.

By Rebecca Grace

Radar Online
US Weekly

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