Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 1, 2014


Competitive gaming once again proves the popularity of eSports, bringing in 20 million viewers for the latest Dota 2 International tournament. Gearbox continues its fight in the Alien: Colonial Marines Lawsuit and Destiny’s soft level cap of 20 is explained. Finally, Rust developers reveal a new prototype of a “Tennis meets Street Fighter” game. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 1, 2014.

Dota 2 Tournament attracted 20 million viewers

GamingGaming eSports have de-facto become a thing, between massive international tournaments with $5 million grand prizes and universities now offering athletic scholarships for some of the gamers. Valve’s fast-paced and competitive real-time strategy title Dota 2 adds another argument in favor. The International, a Dota 2 world tournament, has pulled in 20 million viewers, with 2 million watching the games concurrently. However, that does not even include all channels such as CCTV China or ESPN. The prize pool for the event totaled over $10 million as well. Playing video games competitively these days is slowly becoming quite a profitable venture.

Gearbox and Sega fighting back in the lawsuit

GamingAlien: Colonial Marines has been a source of a huge controversy and many headaches for its developer Gearbox and publisher Sega. A class-action lawsuit has been filed last year, claiming the game was falsely advertised. The whole debacle began with a demo shown at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many game journalists were blown away, generating a lot of hype and buzz for the title. However, when the game was finally released, it was far from what was previously showcased. Lackluster gameplay, broken artificial intelligence, and poor graphics left many wondering if this was even the same game they saw in the earlier demo, leading to the lawsuit.
Gearbox is fighting back by claiming that they put in millions of dollars of their own money into the project, and have not received any additional royalties from the sales beyond what Sega paid them during development. Furthermore, Gearbox’s defense claims there is no real way of knowing how many customers were really misled by the earlier demo, and thus the class-action suit is baseless.

Destiny has a level cap of 20 and how to go beyond it

GamingAfter the end of the highly successful open beta of Bungie’s upcoming massively multiplayer shooter, the studio is keeping the fans excited with more details. They just explained that, even though the official level cap in Destiny is 20, the players will be able to go beyond that. Upon reaching the level, all additional experience points will be converted into Motes of Light, which can be later used to craft special armor and potentially other items. It is not yet clear how the statistics of the gear will translate in terms of levels, but it definitely sounds like level 20 is far from an end-goal. Destiny is schedule for release on Sept. 9 this year.

Street Fighter meets Tennis, new prototype revealed by Rust developers

GamingFacepunch, the studio behind the popular Garry’s Mod and early access Rust, has just revealed a second new prototype they are working on. The new title, Deuce, aims to bring a whole new strategy into Tennis by integrating special moves such as ice strikes, tornadoes or fireballs. It will also feature a cast of colorful characters, from an American hillbilly wielding a shotgun to a Mexican in a luchador mask and a sombrero. The developers have recently received some flak after revealing a prototype for Riftlight, an arcade twin-stick shooter. The negative response came from the fans of Rust who felt their early access money was being diverted to other projects than what they paid for. However, Facepunch stayed adamant about their direction, explaining that only a small percentage of Rust’s revenue went into these projects, and it is not uncommon for gaming studios to be managing multiple titles at once.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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