Gaming News: GLV Daily Digest for August 18, 2014


Good day for the creators in the industry today. Xbox developers participating in the ID@XBox program will gain access to Unity game engine for free and Team Fortress 2 workshop opened up submissions for real-world merchandise designs. Furthermore, a new Minecraft theme Lego sets have been revealed for those who want to transpose their virtual creations into the real world. On the downside, a Metal Gear Solid remake has been shutdown due to a dispute with the original developer Konami, and the World of Warcraft prices will be spiking up in the UK. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for Aug, 18, 2014.

Unity available for ID@XBox developers

GamingThe big upsurge of indie games in recent years is in many was due to the availability of new technology and game engines that make creating complex and cross-platform titles much simpler. One such popular and versatile engine is Unity3D, which supports PC, Windows, Linux and the mobile platforms out of the box. The ID@XBox program, which helps independent teams get their games onto Xbox, will now offer Unity completely free of charge for developers participating in it. This is potentially great news for those already familiar with the engine and planning to port their projects to Microsoft’s console. Indie gaming has traditionally been limited to computers, so it is good to see the consoles embracing and empowering smaller studios like this.

World of Warcraft prices will increase in UK

GamingDedicated fans of the highly successful massively multiplayer online roleplaying game ought to lock into their current payment plans if they wish to avoid an upcoming price hike. Blizzard has announced that, following the release of the Warlords of Dreanor expansion on Nov. 13, the subscription price will increase to £9.99 per month from the previous £8.99. The 90 day pass will go up to £28.17 and the 180 day one to £52.14. However, they also explained that any recurring subscribers will retain their current plan’s price and avoid the price increase for up to two years.

Fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake shut down

GamingThe tactical-espionage series which produces some of the best-selling titles on Sony’s line of consoles has actually begun its life on the MSX2 computer in 1987 and later on the Nintendo Entertainment System. A group of fans set out to remake the classics in full 3D glory, even obtaining a non-commercial blessing from the series’ original developer Konami. However, Polygon just reported that due to a new dispute the project is unfortunately being shut down. They also revealed that David Hayter, the original voice actor for the titular Solid Snake character, has been participating and helping with the development.

Full-size Minecraft Lego revealed

GamingBuilding huts, fortresses and even entire cities from little cubes while defending against zombie-like creepers has turned into a blockbuster game which now sprawls across multiple platform and has many merchandised spinoffs. It is only natural that a game about using virtual blocks to build various structures would collide with a real-world equivalent. Lego has already featured a number of Minecraft sets but only in the “micro” scale. The new line revealed will use the full-sized Lego blocks and provide regular figures for the main characters and the aforementioned creepers.

Team Fortress 2 allows gamers to design (real world) hats

GamingSpeaking of merchandising, Valve has just opened a new workshop program for their wacky first-person shooter. While the game already allowed the players to submit virtual add ons, such as new player models, maps or hats, the fans will now also be able to submit designs for actual real-world t-shirts, mugs and baseball caps. The community will be able to vote on the most interest and popular designs, and the original creators will eventually receive a percentage of all the sales. The online workshop already features 9 different pages full of various submissions.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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