Ghostbusters 3 Without Murray or Ramis?

Ghostbusters 3

There have been a lot of rumors and buzz about Ghostbusters 3 going on without Bill Murray or Harold Ramis. The latest news is about Bridesmaids director Pail Feig considering directing the movie with a female cast. Really? To me there is no point, because the essence of the Ghostbusters series was the organic chemistry of the original cast.

I remember when Ghostbusters first came out in 1984. I was ten then, and my mom took me to see it. I laughed as Bill Murray’s character, Dr. Peter Venkman, nonchalantly shocked test subjects with jolts of electricity near the beginning of the movie, and flinched in fright when a ghost who haunted the New York library turned from a kindly old lady to a shrieking demon. The dichotomy of scary and funny had me glued to my seat. I will never forget the fear I felt when Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett opened her refrigerator to see an alternate dimension instead of food and shelves.

The special effects of the original Ghostbusters would probably not impress today’s generation, but in 1984 they were unprecedented and wowed audiences.

Then, in 1989, I was at the movies for Ghostbusters 2. The original cast was back at it again, and the plot and special effects upped the ante from the first movie. Even at 15 I was closing my eyes and cringing at the portrait of the evil Vigo. Both movies were propelled by the strength of the cast, so why mess with a good thing?

An all female cast does sound interesting, and would probably fill the theaters with a new generation of moviegoers, but I am old school. I love Murray’s biting wit, and Harold Ramis, who died in February, could say hilarious things with a completely straight face. To me Ghostbusters 3 without Murray or Ramis defeats the purpose.

Ivan Reitman, the original director, walked away from the project in March. In an article on August 1 on George Percival suggested adding actors such as Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen, which makes me laugh with the idea (in a good way.)

That might work. Add Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell with a really well-written script and you have box office gold.

I may be chauvinistic with my idea, but I just do not think an all female cast would propel this movie. Maybe Paul Feig will prove me wrong. It is going to take a cast who can ad-lib and balance humor with a real respect for the paranormal.

Bill Murray expressed disdain at the thought of reprising his role as Venkman, comparing the idea with the final installment of the Godfather trilogy, which he considered a flop. Murray also spoke of the studio executives being more excited about the concept of Ghostbusters 3 than the original cast.

I would go see the movie if the right actors and actresses could pull it off, but moviegoers always take a gamble with the movies of today with their slickly produced trailers that only show short clips of  movie highlights that only last seconds.  This can be deceptive (think Scary Movie 5). In any case, why mess with a good thing? Ghostbusters 3  moving forward without Murray and Ramis seems a little desperate.

Is Hollywood that devoid of originality that they would push a movie whose own original cast members think it would be a flop? The beauty of a truly good sequel or remake is its improvement on the original, so let us hope Feig can breathe life into this project.

Opinion By Adrianne Hill



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