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Just as Google is celebrating its tenth year since going public, the multi-billion dollar company that revolutionized the way people search for data may have come out with a crystal ball. Google’s co-founder Larry Page once described the perfect search mechanism as being able to comprehend precisely what was desired and delivering it in the exact format desired. Google Now, Google’s answer to Siri, may very well be the answer. The recent addition to the Google roster can keep up with all kinds of personal data and provide customized real-time reminders to make life much easier. It can also provide answers to questions that have not been asked.

Google’s voice recognition search tool was already able to provide all sorts of information based on the personal information provided by the user, information like home and work addresses. Based on the user preferences, favorite sports teams, television shows, etc., Google can send reminders, letting one know what the weather will be like in specific areas or that a favorite television show is scheduled to come on tomorrow at eight.

Google uses voice recognition, search parameters, events scheduled on the users calendars and tracks location in order to provide updates. For instance, a routine trip to church every Sunday would show up on Sunday morning letting the user know that the trip to that particular address will take say 20 minutes. It will also provide traffic information which would indicate the best route.

Google, the company that introduced the Android operating system, revolutionized travel with Google Map, created Google Glass, and may soon be introducing a car that drives itself, has now come up with a product that can read minds. Google Now, is considered by some, the second coming of the crystal ball. While some might think that informing users when it is time to leave for the job interview is no big deal, Google Now is actually able to send that reminder without being prompted.

Google Now can read location, calendar, emails, and other personal data points to intuitively inform the user of certain of life’s happenings. Some examples include providing information relating to flights, packages, and travel times. It can also send reminders for shopping excursions. In the event of a delayed departure, Google Now can search the airline data and inform the user of the adjusted flight time and send a reminder when it is time to leave for the airport.

When an order is placed online, Google Now can retrieve the shipping information from the manufacturer and report the estimated arrival date. If the user makes a note to themselves to pick up some cat food on their next trip to Wal-Mart, Google Now will send an alert, even a phone call if desired, to remind the user to get that cat food as soon as they walk into Wal-Mart. Google Now can do all of this without being prompted.

With all the benefits of modern technology, many people have become spoiled. Lots of people no longer remember phone numbers and with the advent of applications like Google voice recognition and Google Now, people will not have to actually dial numbers. A simple request can actually dial phone numbers and in the event that one is running late, Google Now, without even being asked, can text the person and let them know the estimated arrival time. Google Now, a new-fangled crystal ball, coming soon to devices all over the world.

By Constance Spruill


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