Homeless Friend of Miley Cyrus a Wanted Criminal?

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It is an unfortunate circumstance of coming into a public world, but Jesse Helt now officially knows what happens when everybody knows your name. On Sunday, Aug. 24, he took to the MTV Video Music Awards stage on behalf of Miley Cyrus and helped to promote A Friend’s Place, a California-based homeless shelter for young adults. On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the world learned about Helt’s checkered past.

Helt’s mother, Linda, who resides in Salem, Oregon, confirmed on Monday, August 27, that the young man, who touched many people as Cyrus sat by the stage in tears, is her “youngest baby.”

“He called me last night at about one o’ clock,” she said to The Oregonian, adding that the We Can’t Stop singer had given him money in order to visit his family.

According to her, Helt ended up in Los Angeles in the hopes of making it on his own, but things did not turn out as well as he hoped. “He called me and he said [that he was] living in a bush,” she stated.

She also revealed that Helt and Cyrus crossed paths when the entertainer visited the center for My Friend’s Place, located in Los Angeles.

“He was at the right place at the right time,” Ms. Helt said. “It’s time for him to have some good luck.” Luck was seemingly not on his side in 2010, however, when he was arrested for attempting to break into an apartment.

According to court documents, the then-teenager was charged with criminal trespassing and criminal mischief. He was placed on probation, but months later, his probation officer filed another claim, stating that Helt not only failed a court appointed drug test, but declined to show up for a check-in appointment.

The young man would admit to smoking marijuana and promised to clean up his act via a statement written in 2011 for violating his probation.

“For the sake of my freedom I have chosen to stop smoking weed,” he wrote. “From now on, I will not violate my probation.”

He attempted to make good on his promise by following up with a stint in community college while working at the Oregon State Fair. However, Oregon law enforcement claims that he still has an open warrant for his arrest, most likely due to the nature of his initial crime.

Jesse Holt in 2012.

Helt has seemingly attempted to move on with his life and do something positive. According to a newly discovered Facebook page, he is aspiring to be a model. He has a profile registered on the website, Model Mayhem, where he expresses he would love to work with “all kinds” of agencies.

Thanks to Cyrus, he might already have friends in high places. According to an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest, she shared another popular singer, Katy Perry, seemed to take a liking to him.

“She thought he was my boyfriend,” Cyrus explained. “[Perry] was like, “Do you want a drink?” [I told her] this kid has to give a speech!” Cyrus has yet to comment on the dark discovery of her VMA date.

By Jonathan Brown


The Oregonian