Ice Bucket Challenge Better Than the No Makeup Selfies?

ice bucket challenge

Could the ice bucket challenge be better than the no makeup selfies? Both were designed to help raise awareness and money for charity, and both have had their fair share of mixed reviews.

Back in March, pictures of women posing without makeup became a huge thing on social media. All the photos were tagged with the nomakeupselfie hashtag, and it was all to raise awareness and money for cancer charities. Soon after, men started getting involved with their version of no makeup selfies; in other words, they took photos of themselves wearing makeup.

There were mixed opinions about the successfulness of the campaign. While it raised £8million, about $13.3 million, for cancer research alone the questions over whether it was any good still continued. The issue was that some failed to donate to charity and the meaning was lost as more woman shared their selfies. In some cases it was considered to be narcissism dressed up as charity. It was more about the women sharing their bare faces.

Another question raised was how a no makeup selfie could raise awareness for cancer charities. Not wearing makeup had no connection to the disease. This is completely different to this new challenge, which involves people throwing buckets of ice water over their heads. The whole idea behind throwing the bucket of ice water over someone’s head is to feel the symptoms of ALS temporarily. Many finally realized just how debilitating the disease could be.

So, has the ice bucket challenge been better than the no makeup selfie campaign? This would depend on how someone considers “better.” The two campaigns have raised about the same amount of money so far. Within six days, breast cancer received the $13.3 million, but it took three weeks for the bucket challenge to reach that. That would suggest that it has not been any more successful.

However, more people are getting involved in the ice bucket challenge in unique ways. Some people are doing it in large groups, whereas others are opting to avoid the challenge and just donate more to the cause. It seems more celebrities have also gotten involved in this challenge compared to the no makeup selfie one, with some celebrities putting their own twist for fun.

There is also the fact that more people are hearing about ALS. This is a disease that affects a small number of people, so is not heard about as much in the news. There is still little people understand about the disease and no treatment or cure compared to cancer.

However, really neither has been more successful. They have both raised awareness for their own charities and have both gone viral. The charities have seen much more money donated this year than they did last year during the same time period as the campaigns went viral. More people are talking about the diseases and it leads to many more being screened early or seeking medical help when the initial symptoms arise. It is time for people to stop comparing the campaigns to see if the ice bucket challenge has been better than the no makeup selfie campaign, and to accept that both have had positive effects around the world.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Kevin   August 22, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I think you and I think on the same lines.


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